Survey on cycling in Okinawa

Dear OISTers,

Do you need a break from thinking about COVID-19?! Do you want to help a fellow OISTer?

If you ever commute to OIST by bicycle, we'd love to hear from you.

New OISTers have asked us for information about commuting to OIST by bike. So, we set up a quick survey to ask you about which village you cycle from, how long it takes, how demanding it is, and if the route is child-friendly.

Thanks a lot for sharing! It should take 5 minutes.

Very best,

OIST Resource Center

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E.g. cycling in the Okinawan hot and humid weather, Apps with routes, anything cyclists should be aware of in terms of car drivers, your favourite bike repair shop in Okinawa, etc.
If you have any topics in particular you want Green Okinawa to cover please share your opinion with us. e.g. where you could buy composting equipment in Okinawa, etc.