Restaurants, Places in Okinawa

Here are some useful information that the Resource Center collected from Word of Mouth on TIDA.

Welcome to the world of Sen-bero: Adachiya


“Sen-bero”: means “getting merry on 1000 yen” is definitely an useful expression to remember if you’re an Izakaya lover. Quite a new concept to Okinawa introduced from the downtown Tokyo izakaya culture, Sen-bero could simply represent izakayas with highly cost performance providing 1000yen set menu, such as Adachiya; considered as a pioneer of the field. Adachiya’s 1000 yen set menu features a choice of simmered giblets (Motsuni) or four deep fried skewers (kushiage) and three drinks (excl. bottled beer)! Located in the backstreet of Naha and Park Avenue in Okinawa-city, Adachiya promises you a real down town Tokyo Izakaya experience.

Address: 2-10-20, Matsuo, Naha-shi
Open: 6:00~22:00 (Mornig 6:00~10:00)

Adachiya Okinawa City
Address: 1-20-9 Chuo Okinawa-city
Open: 1700- 1:00

Kijimuna タコライスカフェ きじむなぁ       

One of the best and original Taco Rice Omelet (Omutaco) restaurants on the island.The fluffy Omelet over Taco rice is just perfect.Their Omutako is now available in Chatan, Rycom, and Senaga island as well.


Address: 475 Seragaki, Onna
Open: 11:00 – 15:00 (& 18:00 - 20:00 May to Oct)  Closed: Wednesdays  

Delicious Vegan Curry in Nago-city: NICENESS   

One of a kind, unique and delicious vegan curry can be found here: Niceness in Nago-city. Beautifully handcrafted interior using scrap materials creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Would definitely recommend spending a lazy Sunday afternoon there.


Address: 1635-1 Umusa, Nago-city
Open: 11:00 – 16:00 (L.O 15:00) Closed Mon-Wed

Suidunchi 首里殿内

Suidunchi is a restaurant where you can enjoy Okinawan traditional cuisine and variety of Awamori (Okinawan sake) in a traditional Okinawan house.
There are also two galleries next to the restaurant where they exhibit Okinawan antique objects and their Awamori collections.
The restaurant is located along the famouse Kinjo-ishidatami, implies stone pavement which leads to the Shuri castle.


Address: 2-81 Kinjo-cho, Naha, Okinawa
TEL: 098-885-6161
Open: Lunch 11:00~ (Last order 16:00) Dinner 17:00~ (Last order 23:00~)

Cafe Mori no Terrace カフェ森のテラス

This place is a MUST go restaurant when it’s sunny.
You can see beautiful ocean and the famous Kudaka island which is known as a spiritual island in front of you while you are eating.
Also, they have a cozy gallery where they exhibit some paintings by famous Okinawan painters, antique objects, and a huge garden with beautiful flowers.
You will never get bored there!

Address: 143-3 Chinen, Chinen-ji, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa (Check location here)
TEL: 098-949-1666
Open: 11:00~17:30
Closed every Tuesdays

Shizen-Inu: Amazing Vegan Cuisine and Sweets

Located in Yomitan, Shizen-Inu is a vegan Cafe using only fine Okinawan organic vegetables. They open only two days a week so reservation is definitely requited. Meal of the Day: 850yen features colorful and creative dishes made with seasonal ingredients.  

Address: M-1, 183 Furugen, Yomitan-son
Open: Fri and Sat: 11:30 – 15:00 
Tel: 090-2715-5774

Petite Boulangerie de Koza: Zazou

This is where you can find tasty pastries and sandwiches: Zazou is a little French-Japanese style bakery located in Okinawa-city. Try their amazing savories like their chicken sandwiches and savory pastries with roasted veggies. They also have lovely Japanese breads such as custard cream or jam buns.

Address: 2-15-1 Chuo, Okinawa-city
Opening: 10:00〜19:00 Close: Tuesdays

Authentic Yet Original: GORDIES OLD HOUSE

Gordies Old House specializes in authentic American burgers, located opposite Kadena Air Base on Route 58. Their whole beef patties prepared with an original recipe and paired with homemade buns. Its classic interior provides the backdrop for enjoying a burger, shake or American breakfast.

Address: 189-1, Mizugama, Kadena-cho Nakagami-gun
Open: 11:00〜21:00 Close:Thursdays

pizzeria da ENZO

pizzeria da ENZO offers OIST discount!!
Just show your OIST ID card at the restaurant, you’ll get a drink of your choice for free; a glass of beer, a glass wine (red/white), a cocktail or a soft drink. If you are a group of 6 or more, a free bottle of sparkling wine will be on the house!!

pizzeria da ENZO

TEL: 098-923-5924
Open: Lunch 11:30〜15:00 (LO 14:30) Dinner: 17:30〜22:00 (LO 21:30)

Dear Coffee Lovers: Yamada Coffee Okinawa

Located in a residential part of Ginowan, Yamada Coffee Okinawa roasts beans daily, selling 15-20 varieties at any one time. Beans are selected according to three important criteria: traceability; freshness of the green beans; and cup quality (the flavor of the coffee itself).

Yamada Coffee Okinawa

Address: 3-17-3, Ginowan, Ginowan-shi
Open: 10:00 - 19:00 Close: Monday

Ocean View Noodles: Umi ga Mieru Sobaya

“Umi ga Mieru Sobaya” in the western part of Kadena Town in the central part of mainland Okinawa is located next to Kaneku Seaside Park. The quiet location which commands a view of East China Sea is for the best-kept Okinawa Soba shop not many people know about. Needless to say this, but the window seats are popular, and the shop is often crowded around noon. So it is recommended to visit the shop around 11:00 right after its opening time or around 14:00 when it is passed busy lunch hour. Soki soba (large): 650yen

Address: 6-25-13 Mizugama, Kadena Town, Okinawa
TEL: 098-956-0940
Open: 11:00 to 18:00 Close: Monday & Thursday

KAIHOLO CAFE: Ocean View Breakfast 

Even if you’re not a big fan of the mornings, their breakfast will brighten up your whole day. Hawaiian style Kaiholo Café: their signature soufflé pancake is definitely worth a try, you’d enjoy every bite. There are many dishes on the menu for less than 1000yen, and very filling as well. They are open from 7:00 in the morning, it sure is a nice place to start your day in front of the beautiful view.

Kaiholo Café

Address: 2F 6978-1Onna, Onna-son 
Tel: 098-955-2597
Open: 7:00-16:00 Close: Friday (Wed & Thur RSV only) 

KarmaOrganics: Temple of Raw and Nutritious Super Foods

If you are into raw food, organic ingredients and nutritious super foods, you’d love Karma Organics in Kitanaka-gusuku. The in-store cafe space offers a range of smoothies, shakes and other drinks, as well as nutritious noodle salads and dairy-free acai bowls. Free raw food workshops are held once a month, which is worth checking it out.

Karma Organics

Address: 2F, 1468-4, Adaniya, Kitanakagusuku (Inside LIVING LIFE MARKETPLACE)
Open: 11:00~17:00 (L.O. 16:45)Closed: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Phone Number: 098-989-4861


Kinchichi Soba: Truly Original Okinawan Soba

Kinchichi Soba Onna is a sub branch of popular Okinawa soba place in Yomitan. There is an option to change noodle to 100% Okinawa-made flour noodle. Chewy, thick home-made noodles are made from freshly ground Okinawan-made flour, mix with soup of Yanbaru chicken and Okinawan Beni pork… It is so delicious and enjoyable.

Address: 8-3 Nakama, Onna-son
Open: 11:00~16:00 Closed: Mondays/ 1st Tuesday of the month

Happy Market to Shop Vegetables and More!

Happy More Ichiba (Market) is the largest organic farmer’s market on Okinawa, with having a color code system to describe which (if any) type of chemicals are used on their produce! The selection is constantly changing with the seasons, featuring dozens of local Okinawan produce you simply won’t find at any big box grocery store. Even if you’re a seasoned foodie, you’re guaranteed to find a few ingredients you’ve never seen in your life.

Happy More Ichiba

Address: 1-247-1 Shimashi, Ginowan
Open: 10:00~18:00 Closed: Sundays

LovelyFamilyFeel OkinawanFood: Kukuru No Yado (心の宿)

If you ever feel like enjoying authentic Okinawan home cooking, Kukuru No Yado is the place to go. Located on the coastline of Maeda, Onna-son; Kukuru No Yado serves real Okinawan hearty homemade cookings, both on lunch and dinner. Some menus are made with local seafood includes Tiraja shellfish, sea cucumber and porcupinefish! You’ll be delightfully surprised by its pleasant taste.

Address: 2429 Maeda , Onna-son
Tel: 098-964-3885
Open: 11:00 – 14:30, 17:00-23:00 Close: Wednesday