Lost and Found

Lost and Found Guideline

Bosai Center is acting as central lost and found inventory, and all the item that are reported to Bosai Center will be listed in this page.

Report the Found Item:

If you find an item, Please report to Bosai Center. Bosai Center will record the item, take a picture of the item. The picture of the item will be listed on this page wih the name of the item, and found date and location.

Bosai Center will keep the item for 2 weeks. Once 2 weeks is passed, unclaimed item will be brought to police and will be kept at the Ishikawa Police Station.

Report the Lost Item:

If you’ve lost an item on campus, please first check our Lost and Found Items page (this page) to check whether it has already been found.

If you find an item on the list, please report to Bosai Center. If they still keep the item, you can receive the item at Bosai center. If the item has been brought to the police station, you will have to visit Ishikawa Police Station with your photo identification.

Please note that Bosai Center can keep the item only for 2 weeks, so please report to Bosai Center as soon as possible.

Map to Bosai Center is below (Click image to see enlarged map)

List of Found items which is kept at Bosai-center

Item Bag (there is a PC inside)
Found date and time:8/18
Found location In front of Resource Center at Village Center

​List of Found items that are brought to Ishikawa Police Station

Item: earring

Found date and time: July 25th

Found location: 

Item: Car Key

Found date and time: July 27th 10:30 AM

Found location: Walking path to center bldg

Item: Smart Phone

Found date and time: June 20th, 2017

Found location: Village Center

Item: Pouch

Found date and time: June 19th, 9:30

Found location: Auditorium audience seat

Item: Umbrella

Found date and time: June 14, 8:25 AM

Found location: Lab 1 Parking lot

Item: Button type battery

Found date and time: June 9, 6:00a AM

Found location: Main Entrance

Item: Hour Glass

Found date and time: May 9th, around 17:00pm

Found location: OIST parking structure