Leaving Okinawa

OIST does not provide the same level of support when you leave as when you arrive. However, the relocation team will provide you with information that will help you to leave Okinawa and move on to your next challenge.

When your time at OIST comes to a close, the following procedures should be completed. Some of these are HR- or OIST-related and some are procedures required when you leave your residence.

Human Resource Related

1. Returning your ID and related documents to OIST

Please return the following items to the HR Operation Team. These should be returned on your last day of work on campus.

*If you take leave during your last few days at OIST and will not come back to campus, return these items on your last day at OIST.

  • Employee ID Card
  • Health Insurance Card
  • OIST Security Card

Housing Related

Closing Contracts
As you prepare to depart OIST and Okinawa, you will need to close out the contracts related to your residence, utilities, and other services.

1. Housing
You need to give your estate agency/Village Center housing office notice at least one month prior to your leaving your residence.

2. NTT (Telephone), Internet access, and mobile phone

3. Utilities (Water, Electricity, and Gas)

4. Bank account (It is possible to keep your account open if you are planning to return to Japan soon.)

5. Cancel fire insurance

Selling Your Car and Cancelling Car Insurance

You can sell your car to a used car dealer or to an individual. It is also possible to sell the car via TIDA. Cancel your liability insurance if you purchased it.

Claiming back National Pension / Employees’ Pension Insurance

1. Lump Sum Withdrawal Payment for foreigners

If you were enrolled in the pension scheme in Japan, you are entitled to claim a lump-sum withdrawal payment. However, there are conditions for this payment to be granted. Please refer to the Social Insurance Agency’s website for details.

Japan Pension Service
Information on Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments

The Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan
Information about Private School Mutual Aid
Document of Private School Mutual Aid

2. Pension system subject to totalization agreement

Japan has concluded treaty agreements with a number of countries in an effort to rationalize social security payments. Please see the link below for more information.

Information is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Filipino/Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.

3. Others

This site below was developed by a different prefecture, but the content is relevant to all foreign residents. It explains in detail the process for claiming the lump-sum payment along with an estimate of how much you will receive.

Arranging a Mover; Return Flights/Transportation

OIST does not pay for outbound moves or return tickets. This is either your responsibility or that of your next institution. You will need to arrange a mover. The Relocation Team can provide you with the contact information of either domestic or international movers.

You must also arrange your own flights to your next destination. If you would like a travel agent to assist you, the Relocation Team can give you information on travel agencies.

Returning your Residence Card

When you are leaving Japan permanently, you need to return your Residence Card to Immigration at the airport at the time of your departure.