Housing Information

OIST has on-campus housing for professors, researchers, technicians, and students. If you are interested in campus housing, please contact the OIST Facility Management Section for further information.

If you are planning to live in an apartment off campus, the Relocation Team will assist you with searching for a residence in Okinawa. We will contact agencies to gather information according to your requirements. We will later ask you about your housing needs.

Depending upon your needs, we can also arrange temporary housing until you find a permanent place.

Finding a Residence

After being informed of your preferences, the Relocation Team will contact local agencies and start looking for a place for you. We will send you information via e-mail. We will then arrange a date for you to visit the selected places. Most Japanese residences are unfurnished. Some furnished apartments are available, but they are generally intended for short-term stays. Such places could be quite costly for a long-term stay.

Permanent Housing

Prior to your arrival and while you stay at the temporary housing, we will provide you with information and web sites about apartments or houses for rent. Once you are here, the relocation staff will accompany you as you look at housing. Please be aware that the real estate market is very fluid, and what is currently available on a website seen while overseas may not be available when you arrive in Okinawa. Conversely, new listings continually become available.

In many countries apartments or houses are described by the number of bedrooms (1 bedroom apartment, etc.). In Japan, housing is usually designated by L, D, K (living, dining, kitchen) plus the number of other rooms (1 LDK, one room plus living, dining and kitchen areas). Toilets and baths – usually two separate rooms – are generally not included in the description.

The cost of housing varies with type, location, size, convenience, and other factors. Please see the numbers below as references on typical costs:
Apartments: 1 - 3 bedrooms (1 – 3 LDK): ¥40,000 – ¥100,000 per month
There is generally a shared facility charge of about ¥2,000 per month.

Apartments generally have sufficient parking available. Some charge for parking, some do not. Typical costs are between ¥1,000 to ¥3,240 per month, per parking spot.

Single-family houses are more expensive than apartments: Houses: 1 - 3 bedrooms (1 – 3 LDK): ¥100,000 to ¥200,000 per month

With single-family houses, there is usually no shared facility charge or parking fee.

Renting an apartment or a house generally requires payment, almost always in cash, of a considerable about of money. Depending on the apartment, this can be up to five month's rent. Payment is due when you close (sign) the contract. Credit cards cannot be used.

Housing Allowance

A housing allowance will be paid monthly in accordance with OIST regulations. To claim the allowance, you need to submit a copy of the housing contract to the HR office as soon as you receive the housing contract. The Relocation Team will contact you with further information after you start the relocation procedure.

Arrival Allowance

An arrival allowance will be paid to cover miscellaneous expenditures incurred during your relocation period. The amount paid is determined by a number of factors, chiefly whether the move is domestic or international, coming alone or coming with spouse or family, and employment status.

Payment will be made after you sign a housing contract or lease agreement.

House Hunting Expenses

If you would like to make a house-hunting trip to Okinawa before your assignment starts, OIST will purchase your round-trip flights. *Some conditions apply.