Getting a driver's license without going to a driving school

There are 2 stages to be completed before getting a Japanese driver's license - "Learner's permit stage" and "Full-license stage".

  • "Learner's permit stage" consists of 1) a 50-question theoretical exam and 2) a driving exam. Both the exams are held at Okinawa Prefectural Police Driver's License Center.
  • "Full-license stage" consists of 1) a 100-question theoretical exam, 2) a driving exam, 3) a full-day new drivers' course, and 4) an hour lecture.

    To complete both stages, it is likely to take approximately 3 - 6 months.

 If you prefer to take driving lessons before the driving test at the Driver's License Center, Please contact Driver's License Academy to request driving lessons.

Learner's permit stage

Before you are allowed to proceed to the Full-license stage...

Full-license stage

Take the new drivers' course

After completing the New drivers' course...

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