Family Member Mailing List Registration Form

One of the University Community Services (UCS) Division goals this year is to increase communications within the OIST community, especially with OIST family members.  To this end, UCS is planning to send out communications on occasion (likely 6-10 times per year) to OIST family members who sign up to be included on the OIST family member email list. 

Communications may include information about any of the UCS offerings and services that are provided for OIST family members.  These services include: K-12 Education Coordination Services, Diversity Community Services, Food Services, Language Education Offerings, Recreation Services, and services provided by the Resource Center.

By completing this form, you will be signing up to receive email updates from the email  Your email will only be used to communicate information about services that UCS provides as listed above.  We will not share their email with anyone else at OIST.  Also, we will safeguard your personal information in accordance with all OIST policies and procedures regarding personal information protection. 

You will only receive emails from the email  Please note that you may opt out of this email list at any time by requesting to be removed from the list simply by emailing