[COVID-19 related] Extend the validity of your JP driver's license

Please be aware of the expiry date of your Japanese driver's license. The license renewal service at the driver's license centers is suspended until 6th of May 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19. Although they plan to re-start the service from 7th of May, it is expected that the license centers will be packed with the people who couldn't renew their licenses during this time. Hence the Japanese police allows people who fall under the below cases to have the validity of their driver's licenses extended for 3 months. People are only allowed to apply for the extension while the license is still valid. If the license has already expired, its validity cannot be extended.

People who are eligible to apply for the extension are;

  1. People whose drive's licenses are expiring by 7th May 2020 - must have it extended ASAP if they want to continue to drive, otherwise the license will be invalidated by the time they are allowed to renew the licenses
  2. People whose driver's licenses are expiring by 31st July 2020 - eligible to apply for the extension if they want to leave them more time until they renew their licenses because the license centers are expected to be crowded for a while after they have started the renewal service again

How to check the expiry date on your driver's license;

Where to go;

  • The police station that has jurisdiction over the area you live
  1. Ishikawa police station if you live in Ishikawa, Onna, Kin, Ginoza
  2. Kadena police station if you live in Yomitan or Kadena

What to bring;

  • Your valid driver's license
  • Resident card with your current address printed

What to do at the police station;

  • Show the following line to whoever is there at the police station to indicate them that you are there to apply for license validity extension as well as to ask where the road traffic division is.


  • When you are at the road traffic division, show the above line again.
  • Show your Japanese driver's license and resident card.
  • They will ask you to fill in a form.
  • Have a note made on the backside of your license stating that you have applied for the extension.