Buy food products that are soon to be discarded!

Ecoeat is an initiative led by an organization called ‘Japan MOTTAINAI food center’, which aims to reduce the amount of food loss and waste. They collect/buy food products, that are about to be discarded soon(soon-to-expire products, expired products, off-specification products, etc.), from companies and sell them at their stores. They also distribute the collected food to people in need. They make sure that the food products sold at their stores, or food that is to be distributed to people in need have no problems in food hygiene.


If you buy something in their shops, the profit is used for supporting the people in need, transportation of the products, that are soon to be discarded, etc.


In Okinawa, they have shops in Naha city and in Itoman city.

*Open hours: 10:30-19:30

**Closed on Wednesdays

***Parking space(shared with a convenience store) available

*Open hours: 11:30-19:30

**Closed on Tuesdays

***Parking space(shared with a neighbouring shop) available


If you ever have a chance to visit places near these areas, why don’t you stop by their shop and save the food products from being discarded?