Arranging a Moving Company to Transfer Household Goods

A moving company will be assigned after receiving competitive quotes from two movers. The moving companies we normally use are Santa Fe Relocation Services, Asian Tigers Mobility, Yamato Logistics and Nittsu. OIST will only pay for one move, from your home to your residence in Okinawa. OIST does not pay for two moves. In addition OIST does not pay for moving your household goods when you leave OIST and Okinawa.

For transporting household goods, OIST will pay no more than ¥1,000,000 for overseas moves, and no more than ¥700,000 for domestic moves. Actual costs include packing, unpacking and moving of your household goods. This includes any labor costs. However, some items considered unreasonable will not be covered. These include items listed on the CITES* list (also known as the Washington Convention); items and dangerous goods that cannot be handled as household goods; antiques and any other valuable goods that require additional packing, special insurance or additional shipping fees. If you are unclear about what items are not considered reasonable, please contact the Relocation Team. The cost of bringing pets to Okinawa is not covered by the OIST moving allowance.

Insurance for moving household goods is included, with a maximum coverage of ¥3 million.

The mover will send us the invoice, and we will pay the moving cost directly. The mover will contact you directly to provide on-site quotations and make arrangements to pick up and deliver your things. If you wish to transport items not covered by OIST, please inform the movers so that they can separate the estimates.

*CITE: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora