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1. Ask for a volunteer to assist you:  Secondary Method if the online shopping stores stop delivery.

If people of the OIST community are quarantined and/or unable to go to the store due to the following AND the online shopping stores stop delivery or you need help to pick up over the counter medications, then you can register to receive assistance from a volunteer.

  1. OIST members who have no transportation available to make own purchases.
  2. OIST members (or family members) who are immune-compromised or have preexisting conditions that limits you/them from leaving the house.
  3. People who are quarantined (either due to travel or for health reasons and symptoms).

Please note: if you register for this assistance, you understand that the Resource center will match you up with a volunteer, but you must communicate your reasonable needs with the volunteer so they can provide you with the reasonable service such as grocery shopping and picking up over the counter medications. You will also need to exchange personal information as well as money without having face-to face contact.

2. PCR Test Kit delivery and pick up - ON CAMPUS RESIDENTS ONLY

CAMPUS HOUSING ONLY - Delivery and pick up PCR Test

If you live on campus and are quarantined to campus housing, you can request a PCR test to be delivered to your cmapus housing. The deliverey will be between 9:30am-10:30am. A volunteer will pick up the testing kit, deliver it to your door staep. You will provide a sample and safelty give back to the voluneteer for delivery. 

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If you chose NO, we will contact you personally to get details and what we have available.
This service is for campus residents only.