Recreation Services Policies - COVID-19


Covid-19 Information
  • OIST Members are asked to refrain from holding an indoor social activity with food and drink if COVID-19 state of emergency or priority measures such as prevention of spread are issued for Okinawa Prefecture for the time of the activity. Organizers of existing reservations are asked to prepare prompt measures according to the future alert levels of Okinawa Prefecture.
  • When using OIST venues, please follow Okinawa Prefecture's latest COVID-19 countermeasure Policy as well as the Recreation Services and Health and Safety policies on room occupancy and type of activity performed inside.
  • Some restrictions apply to the choice of venues, as well as to the limit of number of participants inside as an infection prevention measure.
  • OIST and OPG policies state that no food or drink social gatherings shall be scheduled inside an OIST facility - until further notice.

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The following guidelines for external event users are based on Okinawa Prefecture's COVID-19 Countermeasure Policy and the general OIST COVID-19 guidelines, both subject to change.

General Guidelines

  • Activities can be held on the condition that social distancing can be maintained and the 3Cs (closed space, crowded space, close contact) are avoided. Masks are required indoors.
  • Organizers must consult OIST in advance if the activity you are requesting to host requires a visit from an external visitor/ vendor for your activity.
  • Those who have suspected symptoms should not be allowed to participate and report their sysmptoms to the OIST Health Clinic.
  • If you are a user of a recreational facility or participate in a recreational class, we ask that you follow the OIST guidelines if you test positive for Covid-19 or are considered a close contact.
  • Organizers are strongly encouraged to request a negative PCR or negative antigen test from all attendees if your activity with food was approved.

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Recreation Facilities

New Guidelines for all recreation facilities.

  1. We will ask all members to wear a mask or face shield as a basic preventative measure to limit the spread of Covid-19 inside all facilities used for exercise. Of course, heavy exercise may need face shield instead of a mask.
  2. Take Temperature upon entry (available fitness gym only)

Facilities will require less people inside for social distancing and will require mask or face shield inside to prevent the spread of infection:

  • Fitness Gym - 10 people maximum
  • Ocean View Room - 10 people maximum
  • Meeting Room - 10 people maximum
  • Plumeria Room - 6 people maximum
  • Seaside Lounge - no food or drink booking will be provided at this time. no more than 50 people maximum.

We will ask the reservation holder to assist all participants in reducing the spread of Covid-19 by:

  • Limiting the number of people inside the facility.
  • Make sure all participants are wearing a mask/ or face shield.
  • Do not participate in body contact sports until the alert level is lowered to 1-2 and OPG has given a green light to participate. 
  • Ask all participants to utilize the alcohol sanitizer upon entering and leaving the facility.
  • Decline entry inside the facility if a participant is experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms or has been identified as a close contact.
  • All other rooms that we assist in reserving for recreation will have the number participant occupancy posted outside of each door.

For Recreation Instructors: If Someone in your class informs you that they have tested positive for Covid-19:

  • Contact the Director of Recreation with the following information:
    • Name of person who informed you (treat this information as confidential)
      • Describe how they tested positive (OIST Antigen, OIST PCR, Official PCR or Antigen from clinic or from hospital)
    • List of participants in that attended the class.
    • Date, time, and location of the class.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

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