[This time only!!] Karate Practice and learn History

What is Karate?

According to Visit Okinawa Japan,In Japanese, karate is known as heiwa no bu, the “martial art of peace,” and  it is practiced by more than 130 million enthusiasts around the world.At its heart, karate is a martial art dedicated to respect and peace. The practice of karate, perfecting the kata (moves) that make up the different forms, is a way to focus both your mind and body. The following are the words of karate masters that embody principles shared by practitioners around the world:

  • “In karate, never attack first.”
  • “Hit not. Be not hit. Avoiding conflict is the fundamental principle.”
  • “Never forget, karate begins and ends with respect.”

You can watch various style(Ryuuha) of Masters interview here.

The instructer is Ron Nix and his partner Akemi.

The style of Okinawa classical karate (Tode) and Kobudo founded in 1984 by Shian Toma. It is a synthesis of the Shorin Ryu katas, Motobu Ryu two-person open hand grappling and weapons techniques, and Kobudo katas mostly of the Ryukyu Kobudo lineages.(Wikipedia)

Ryukoku Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei - Ron Nix (promoted to 9th Dan by Toma)

Workshop details

Date:Monday, 25th March from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Venue: Village Center Meeting Room


*Student            500 JPY

*Non-Student     2,000 JPY

what will you need to bring...

1. clothes that are comfortable to move around in 

2. Towel for wiping sweat.

3. Your own water bottle or drink.

*If you would like to change your clothes after this workshop, you can bring other clothes and change them in the restroom. This is up to you.

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