Fitness Gym Open with continued restrictions

JY 400 per day and maximum charge is JY4,000 per month. *Multiple use in the same day counts as one.
JY 400 per day and maximum charge is JY4,000 per month. *Multiple use in the same day counts as one.
Application Form
If you do not have an OIST Pictured ID, please enter your Temporary Card number (8-digit number starts with 0)
Family Member Access
Family member gym access: Access to the gym will be given after the family member completes the orientation. The gym access card will be given through Resource Center and Building Facility Management and processed in 24 hours. If a family member wishes to have a family access card (lab access); they must apply with the Resource Center. The family access (lab access) card can take up to one month to process.
Gym Orientation Registration
In order to register to use the gym, you must attend an Orientation Session. This is a mandatory session all users are required to take before using the facility. Please bring the following items with you on the day of orientation: 1. A pair of indoor shoes so you can change into clean shoes. 2. Your OIST Security Key Card. 3. Signed copy of the liability waiver if you did not send electronically. The venue for the orientation will be at the Fitness Gym, Village Center.
The next Orientation will be on Thursday, August 30th. Please show up to the orientation at 5pm. The session will last between 5:00-5:15. Please note, that if you are late to the session, you will need to reschedule for the following week.

Have you read and understood the PRP and OIST Graduate University Gymnasium Liability Waiver and Consent? * Please electronically sign the Liability Waiver and Consent form or print a copy out and sign it. If electronially signing, save a copy as your first and last name. Send a copy prior to the orientation to