From Gothenburg to Onna-son!

Hi! My name is Fernando and I’m a Staff Scientist at the Quantum Machines Unit.

After a long wait and some delays due to the pandemic, the day finally arrived! On October 23rd my journey to OIST started. Joining me were Anna (wife) and Rosa (cat). Our trip, which started on a cold Swedish morning, will take us from Gothenburg to Paris first and after four hours or so from Paris to Tokyo. We had not travelled anywhere since the beginning of the pandemic so we were kinda excited.

After a 13 hours flight we finally landed in Japan. It is always great to be back in Tokyo … or something like that. It took us longer than usual (about 3 hours) to leave the airport due to the strict COVID-related procedures. After that we went straight to our quarantine accommodation. 14 days in Tokyo without the possibility to visit shrines, game stations or restaurants, just a couple of visits to the supermarket per day. Somehow, we got our revenge. As soon as the quarantine was over we ran to Shinjuku to get some ramen. Well deserved!!

The following day we finally flew to Okinawa. It may sound as a cliche but we were (still are) really astonished by the beauty of this place (never mind the rain). The next day I finally managed to visit OIST!!! I have been here for a bit over a week now and I am still amazed by how the modern architecture blends with the surrounding nature. I was very happy to finally meet Professor Jason Twamley in person and had a very nice chat with him. I also had the chance to meet Miwa-san (thanks a lot for your help these days), my new colleagues and even had some physics discussions … well, my journey at OIST has finally begun …

I would like to thank the relocation team at OIST for helping us so much with organising our trip to Japan, our arrival and finding an apartment here in Okinawa. Special thanks to Jason for the opportunity to join the unit and everyone in the unit for such a warm welcome and their help finding my way around OIST. I am looking forward to great collaborations with you guys!