Postdoc positions in spin-based quantum technology

The Hybrid Quantum Device team in the Quantum Dynamics Unit seeks a couple of postdocs to help develop a quantum microwave-optical photon transducer with spins in diamond or an ultra-low noise maser amplifier based on spins in gem crystals.  


The quantum transducer is one of the missing pieces in quantum computing R&D.  It will be used to network (superconducting) quantum computers inside dilution refrigerators at each node.  It may also enable us to explore quantum physics in an unprecedented parameter regime. 

The maser amplifier has an enormously high saturation power [patent nationalized], desirable to perform many qubits' simultaneous readout.  It also works under strong magnetic fields, unlike today's state-of-the-art amplifiers called Josephson parametric amplifiers.  These two advantages may also lead the maser amplifier to be implemented in magnetic resonance imaging or spectrometer devices.

The Hybrid Quantum Device team is a research subgroup in experimental quantum information science and technology.  The lab is part of the Quantum Dynamics Unit of Prof. Konstantinov at OIST, located on the sub-tropical Okinawa island.  Experience with one or more of the following is recommended: microwave engineering, cryogenic experiments, or optical experiments. See the research page ( and/or the attached dissemination for more details.

Candidates should send a CV and references to yuimaru.kubo[at]

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