Activities of the Fund

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The fund supported following programs since FY2018.

No Fiscal Y Projects
1 2018 Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) program
2 2018 Training for field work and purchase of castaway search tools
3 2018 Safety equipment and training for gas leak accident
4 2018 Development of field safety for OKEON Churamori project
5 2018 Purchase of life jackets compliant to revised law and other goods for safety operation of OIST boat
6 2018 Education and training on Mass Casualty Life Support (MCLS) at a natural disaster or a serious accident
7 2019 Development of safety training material required for international researchers to conduct research activities involving diving safely and in compliance with relevant Japanese law
8 2021 Additional marine safety equipment (buoys, communication tools etc.)
9 2021 Brightly colored vests for snorkelers
10 2021 Additional life jackets for boating
11 2021 Rescue diver refresher course (3 members)
12 2021 Rescue diver refresher course (Additional 2 members)
13 2022 First aid kits & AED for fieldwork (Research unit)