Speakers and Participants


Gaurav Bahl (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Title: Exploring nonreciprocity and induced chirality for light and sound with opto-mechanical coupling in fiber resonators

Gilberto Brambilla (ORC, University of Southampton, UK)
Title: Nonlinear optics in nanofibres

Darrick Chang (ICFO, Spain)
Title: Exponential improvement in photon storage fidelities using subradiance and selective radiance in optical nanofibers

Fredrik Fatemi (ARL, USA)
Title: Optomechanical excitation of tapered nanofibers

Anna Fontcuberta i Morral (EPFL, Switzerland)
Title: III-V nanowires for next generation solar cells and optoelectronics (tentative)

Lucia Hackermueller (The University of Nottingham, UK)
Title: An atom-photon interface using a void in an optical fibre

Kohzo Hakuta (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
Title: Cavity QED on an optical nanofiber

Vladimir Ilchenko (OEwaves Inc., USA)
Title: Nano-aspects of ultra-high-Q WGM resonators and their applications

Julien Laurat (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris, France)
Title: Collective effects in 1D nanoscale waveguides coupled to cold atoms

Stuart Murdoch (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Title: Temporal cavity solitons in optical microresonators (and other resonators)

Gualtiero Nunzi Conti (CNR-IFAC, Italy)
Title: Coupling tools and regime analysis in optical microcavities

Arno Rauschenbeutel (TU Wien, Austria)
Title: Nonreciprocal quantum optical devices based on chiral interaction of spin–momentum-locked light with spin-polarized atoms

Helmut Ritsch (Universität Innsbruck, Austria)
Title: Superfluorescence of a 1D chain of clock atoms coupled to an optical fiber

Mark Sadgrove (Tohoku University, Japan)
Title:  Composite techniques using nanofibers

Vahid Sandoghdar (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light & Friedrich Alexander University, Germany)
Title: Organic molecules in optical nanoguides: Engineering novel states of light and matter

Keiji Sasaki (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Title: Efficient light coupling to plasmonic nanostructures

Shigeki Takeuchi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Title: Highly efficient coupling of photons from single light emitters using nano optical fibers

Limin Tong (Zhejiang University, China)
Title: Free-standing nanofibers for on-chip nanophotonics

Lan Yang (Washington University Saint Louis, USA)
Title: Non-Hermitian symmetry and wave transport in whispering-gallery-mode microresonators

Participants - Posters should be A0 size, portrait format

Alexandros Chantif Alampounti, Swansea University, United Kingdom: Towards detection of a Bose Einstein condensate with a tapered optical nanofibre (P-M)

Pablo Bianucci, Concordia University, Canada: Flame-based fabrication of solid and hollow surface nanoscale axial photonics microresonators (C10)

Seth Benjamin Cataño Lopez, Tohoku University, Japan: Towards single N@C60 emitters coupled to a nanofiber (P-M)

Alessandro Cere, NUS, Singapore: Time-resolved scattering of a single photon by a single atom (P-M)

Yi-Hsin Chen, Universität Stuttgart, Germany: Interactions of light and thermal (Rydberg) atoms in microcells and integrated ring resonators (C14)

Yves Colombe, University of Innsbruck, Austria: Charge control of a silica nanofiber in an ion trap (C6)

Neil Corzo, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France: Large Bragg reflection from one-dimensional chains of trapped atoms near an optical nanofiber (P-M)

Lingling Dai, Beihang University, China: Slot effects on the mode splitting in slotted optical resonator (P-M)

James Douglas, ICFO, Spain: Simulating quantum light propagation in nanophotonic waveguides using matrix product states (P-M)

Christiane A. Ebongue, University of Maryland, United States: Generating a stationary infinite range tractor force via a multimode optical fiber (C4)

Cindy Esporlas, OIST Gradaute University, Japan: Rotational motion of trapped microspheres around ultrathin optical fibers (P-M)

Zaijin Fang, Harbin Engineering University, China: Bismuth doped germanate glass microsphere resonator laser (P-M)

Daniele Farnesi, IFAC-CNR, Italy: From nano to distributed optical fiber based sensors (C8)

Lingjuan Feng, East China University of Science and Technology, China: Spectroscopy, manipulation and trapping of cold atom in optical nanofibres via electromagnetically induced transparency (P-M)

Quentin Glorieux, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - LKB, France: Polarisation of single photon emitted by nanocrystal quantum dots coupled to optical nanofiber (P-M)

Xue Han, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Asymmetric Annular Aperture Plasmonic Arrays for Particle Trapping (P-M)

Jakob Hinney, TU Wien, Austria: Towards the investigation of collective scattering in nanofiber-trapped atomic ensembles (P-M)

Xuefeng Jiang, Washington University in St. Louis, United States: High Q microtoroid resonator on a microfluidics chip for bio/chemical sensing (C11)

Maxime Joos, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - LKB, France: Chirality of the interactions between a linear dipole emitter and the guided modes of a tapered optical nanofiber (P-M)

Kristoffer Karlsson, OIST Gradaute University, Japan: Particle trapping and detection using near-field optics of an ultrathin optical fiber integrated with nanodevices (P-M)

Sho Kasumei, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Dissipative and dispersive optomechanical interaction in a coupled-cavity system (P-M)

Jameesh Keloth, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan: Fabrication of a centimeter-long cavity on a nanofiber for cavity QED (P-M)

Yacob Kher-Alden, Technion, Israel: A lab in air (P-M)

Fam Le Kien, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Higher-order modes of vacuum-clad ultrathin optical fibers (C5)

Cody Leary, The College of Wooster, USA: Force on a dielectric spherical particle due to the higher-order modes of a few mode optical nanofiber (P-M)

Hyoung In Lee, Seoul National University, South Korea: Helical Bessel beams: Energy flows and angular momentum (P-M)

Fuchuan Lei, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Bandpass transmission spectra of a whispering-gallery microcavity coupled to an ultrathin fiber (C9)

Fuchuan Lei, OIST Graduate University, Japan:  All optical nanopositioning of high-Q microspheres (P-T)

Baoli Li, Nanjing University, China: Periodic micro-structures in optical microfibers induced by Plateau-Rayleigh instability and its applications (P-T)

Wenfang Li, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Optical nanofiber-based cavity with periodic air-nanohole arrays (C13)

Thomas Nieddu & Jinjin Du, OIST Graduate University, Japan. Interaction between cold atoms and selectively excited higher order modes of an ultrathin optical fiber (P-T)

Aseel Mahmood, Opto-electronics Research Center-Ministry of Science and Technology-Iraq, Iraq: Optical micro-resonators for sensing application (C3)

Hossein Mahmoudi Chenari, University of Guilan, Iran: Fabrication of MnMoO4/PVA fibrous webs: electrospinning–calcination combinations process (C7)

Aili Maimaiti, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Experimental observation of negative azimuthal force in the evanescent field of a tapered fibre (P-M)

Simon Peter Mekhail, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Fibre-Bundle-Basis Compressive Sensing (P-M)

Jun-Yu Ou, University of Southampton, United Kingdom: Fibre-integrated nanoscale photonic metamaterials (C1)

Luana Persano, CNR, Italy: Optical nanofibers: next building-blocks for random optical media (C20)

Dario Pisignano, University of Salento, Italy: New light emission and waveguiding properties in electrospun optical nanofibers (P-T)

Andreas Pooch, University of Tuebingen, Germany: Nanofiber beam splitters for charged matter waves (P-T)

Jeremy Raskop, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France: Nanofiber-trapped cold atoms: Storing and generating single photons for quantum networking (P-T)

Tridib Ray, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Formation of Rydberg atoms at submicron distance from the dielectric surface of an optical nanofibre (C18)

Samuel Ruddell, University of Auckland, New Zealand: Cavity enhanced atom-light interactions using a fibre ring resonator (C17)

Rashi Sachdeva, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Creating superfluid vortex rings in artificial magnetic fields (C12)

Stefan Scheel, University of Rostock, Germany: Lateral forces on atoms close to nanofibers (C16)

Andreas Schell, ICFO, Spain: Efficient extraction of photons from a single defect in hBN using a nanofiber. Conference: Quantum Sensing and Nano Electronics and Photonics XIV (P-T)

Alexandra Sheremet, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France: Microscopic theory of light scattering in 1D-array of cold atoms (C2)

Souvik Sil, IISER-Kolkata, India: Dual-mode optical fiber-based tweezers for robust trapping and manipulation of absorbing particles in air (P-T)

Krishnapriya Subramonian Rajasree, OIST Graduate University, Japan. Cold Rydberg atom formation near an optical nanofibre (P-T)

Wanvisa Talataisong, University of Southampton, United Kingdom: Fast-response and high sensitivity nanofiber coupler thermometer (P-T)

Tomohiro Tetsumoto, Keio University, Japan: Formation of a coupled resonance using a nanofiber-coupled photonic crystal nanocavity (P-T)

Viet Giang Truong, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Particle trapping in the evanescent field of an ultrathin optical fiber (P-T)

Chantal Voss, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany: Excitation of Rydberg atoms inside a hollow-core fiber (P-T)

Min Wang, Tsinghua University, China: Application of chip-based silica microspheres for cavity optomechanics (P-T)

Lizhen Wang, Zhejiang University, China: Sub-100 fs stretched-pulse ultrashort fiber laser at 1 um based on optical microfiber dispersion compensation (P-T)

Pengfei Wang, Harbin Engineering Univ., China /Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland: Demonstration of visible lasing in an integrated Er3+-Yb3+ co-doped compound glass microsphere resonator device (C19)

Yun Wang, University of Southampton, United Kingdom: Harmonic generation of deep ultraviolet light in microfiber (P-T)

​Jonathan Ward, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Nanoparticle detection and trapping in a hollow whispering gallery resonator (P-T)

Fangfang Wei, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland: Simultaneous measurement of both magnetic field strength and temperature with a microfiber coupler based fiber laser sensor (P-T)

Elisa Will, Technische Universität Wien / Atominstitut, Austria: Quantum optical circulator controlled by a single chirally coupled atom (P-T)

Ramachandrarao Yalla, University of Electro-Communications, Japan: Integration of a single nano-diamond with wilicon-vacancy center to an optical nanofiber (P-T)

Wenlei Yang, Harbin Engineering University, China: Periodically tapered optical singlemode fiber based interferometer and its application in simultaneous measurement of temperature and strain or curvature sensing (P-T)

Yong Yang, OIST Graduate University, Japan: Micro pendulum optomechanical response coupled to the tunable whispering gallery mode resonators (P-T)

Yu You, East China University of Science and Technology, China: Spectroscopy, manipulation and trapping of Cold atom in Optical nanofibres via electromagnetically induced transparency (P-T)

Hashem Zoubi, Leibniz University Hanover, Germany: Nonlinear quantum optics in nanophotonic waveguides (C15)



Síle Nic Chormaic CHAIR (OIST Graduate University, Japan)

Gilberto Brambilla (ORC, University of Southampton, UK)

Mark Sadgrove (Tohoku University, Japan)

Limin Tong (Zhejiang University, China)