To apply for ONNA 2019, please fill in the webform below. All participants are expected to present a paper in poster or oral format. Please include the abstract submission when applying

Registration fee is 10,000JPY for non-students, 5,000JPY for students. Payment method will be informed later.  This covers all meals, workshop banquet, twin-shared accommodation, and local transport where needed around OIST. 

Note that all participant accommodation is in twin-shared rooms at Seaside House. If you are accepted to attend and do not want to share a twin room (with ensuite bathroom) with another participant you will have to book and pay for your own accommodation and daily transport to Seaside House. In this case, your registration fee will be 5,000 JPY (students and non-students alike).  The ONNA secretariat will be able to advise you on hotels in the immediate region .

If you are a student (Undergraduate, MSc or PhD), before beginning the application process, please confirm with your Head of Department or MSc/PhD Supervisor that he/she will be willing to write a brief letter of recommendation as a "Referee" (see form below). Once you have received the consent of this referee, fill out the form. The server will send the nominated referee a link where they can upload the letter of recommendation. 

The application is not complete until you click "Submit". You will also get an email confirming your submission. Applications are accepted until capacity is reached.   Priority will be given to applications before 31 January 2019.   We will inform applicants on whether or not they have been accepted in March 2019.    

If you are not a student, you need not fill out the referee section. We are having some trouble with the webform and some applicants are being asked to complete this information even though it is not mandatory for non-students. If this happens when you try to submit, please just put your own details in as referee to avoid any problems.   

Applicant Personal Information
This will allow us to make appropriate room assignments.
This is for logistics such as visa applications.
Referee Information
If you are a student, please ask your Head of Department or MSc/PhD supervisor if they will be willing to provide us with a letter of recommendation. Once you have received their consent fill out this form, using their name and email address. The server will send the Referee a link where they can upload the letter of recommendation. If you are not a student and the system insists you fill this section out, please input your own details. First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Institution fields are required.
Please include all details necessary to reach you by postal mail.
Education and Professional Background
Please tell us when you obtained your highest degree.
Workshop Contribution
Every participant is required to present a paper. Some contributions will be upgraded to oral presentations after acceptance.
Financial Support

Travel Fellowship (100%): This option does not allow for any stopovers on the journey to Okinawa. Recipients must arrive the day before the workshop starts and leave the day after it finishes. The number of full grants is very limited and priority is given to students and early-stage researchers from disadvantaged regions of the world.   If you select this option, we cannot guarantee support for your travel to Japan.   It is better to choose Travel Bursary or No Grant if you want to attend and have some available funds. 

Travel Bursary (50%): Any traveller who receives a travel bursary from OIST will get reimbursed for half the amount of the actual cost of the air ticket. However, it shall not exceed the upper limit amount. Please check 'Guidelines Regarding Travel Bursaries'.

No Grant: OIST will not support your flights to Okinawa. In this case, you are free to spend extra time where you wish and for however long you wish. Note that we still expect all participants to attend the full workshop.

If you wish to apply for financial support please explain why you need this support.
We would like to occasionally send you additional information about OIST programs and workshops. Your email will not be given to outside parties. How you answer this questions has no bearing on your application.

A submission confirmation and a referral requested message from OIST Groups will be sent to you within three hours.  Thank you for your patience.