Okinawa Environmental Research Support Section

Group photo of all members

Okinawa Environmental Research Support Section Group Photo


The Okinawa Environmental Research Support Section (OERSS) has launched since April 2019. 
This new section includes the network with the Okinawa society, environmental observation networks, and experienced teams supporting those functions, which developed through the OKEON Churamori Project ( We are supporting the terrestrial field surveys and its system conducted in Okinawa. We also aim to contribute to the sustainable development of Okinawa through environmental research and education.


  • Provision of support for terrestrial fieldwork in Okinawa
  • Maintenance and management of common equipment for terrestrial fieldwork
  • Develop, manage, and facilitate the use of the Okinawa Environmental Observation Network (OKEON)
  • Maintenance and management of equipment for OKEON
  • Execute and manage long-term data collection and sample storage for OKEON
  • Contribution to the sustainable development of Okinawan communities utilizing OKEON data, human resources, and collaborative network


Current service for OIST researchers

  • Information and network provision and paperwork support for permissions required for terrestrial field sampling in Okinawa Prefecture
  • Coordination with the local community to conduct field survey in Okinawa Prefecture
  • Providing information about the OKEON Churamori project study area
  • Providing supports for field survey in the OKEON Churamori Project study areas
  • Return, promotion and its coordination of the academic outputs related to the OKEON Churamori Project to Okinawa society

Latest Posts

  • OERSS supported tree surveys led by OIST researchers (2019/2)

    OIST researcher Dr. Juanita Choo botanized nine sites of the OKEON Churamori project.
    He asked Mr. Masayuki Hayashi, Director of the Institute of Konokinannoki, for plant identification and three OERSS members assisted the field research.
    Although this field research was fraught with obstacles such as winds and rains, it was conducted successfully.

  • Yoshi presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Wildlife and Society (2019/11/23)

    Yoshi, the coordinator of the OKEON Churamori Project, gave a presentation entitled "A social collaboration network generates sustainability of the information diffusion of invasive ants" at the 25th Annual Meeting of the “Wildlife and Society” Society. It was a part of the theme session “The role of "Science Communicator" as a bridge between wildlife research and society” organized by our collaborator CoSTEP at Hokkaido University.

  • OIST Science Festival 2019 (2019/11/16)

    We received 5,200 visitors, and many people enjoyed our two kinds of talk and the booth many insects were displayed.