Deadline for application: November 30, 2022

To apply for Nervous System Assembly, fill in the webform below.

Don't close this window immediately after pressing 'submit'. Wait until you get a page acknowledging the submission. You should also get an email confirming that the submission has been successful. If you submit the form again, your first submission will be overwritten. 

Accommodation: Note that all participant accommodation is in single rooms at Seaside House, the cost of which is covered by OIST. If you are accepted to attend and do not want to stay at Seaside House, you will have to book and pay for your own accommodation and daily transport to the workshop venue, OIST main campus. The workshop secretariat will be able to advise you on hotels in the immediate region .

Decision​: Your application will be reviewed and decision letters will be e-mailed at the middle of November.


Personal Information

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Travel Support
Participants are encouraged to try to support their travel costs to Okinawa themselves, or through their research grant at their home institute. We will offer a number of travel bursaries to cover about 50% of the cost of an average return flight ticket from the participants region to Okinawa, or half of the actual costs, whichever is lower, to several participants. Participants will book their own tickets and get reimbursed. Stop-overs are allowed. To obtain this funding, you should have some justification. We also have a very small number of full travel fellowships available for applicants from disadvantaged regions, representing about 10% of the total participants. However, these come with very strict regulations and, in particular, do not allow for stop-overs on the journey to Okinawa. OIST will book these tickets directly. Please note that most participants will not be considered to be eligible for these full travel fellowships.
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Workshop Contribution
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