We are continuously on the look-out for unusual researchers to join us! 

We are happy to receive informal inquiries from exceptional individuals with original, boundary-breaking ideas and a drive to "get things done" interested in joining us in the future. For reference, the descriptions for openings in the original announcement are below.  

Postdoctoral positions

    1. High-precision viral targeting, imaging and anatomy ranging from sub-neuronal and microcircuit level to mesoscopic architectures, histology, dendritic reconstructions, and working in close collaboration with computational researchers to create realistic neuronal simulations; 
    2. In vitro slice patch electrophysiology, calcium/voltage imaging and optogenetics; 
    3. Hi-res, 3D motion capture and kinematic analysis of behaving mice, combined with imaging, electrophysiology and manipulation of deep brain structures as well as virtual / augmented reality methods

    Requirements for post-doc applicants

    1. A PhD (obtained within last 5 years) in relevant disciplines, such as biosciences, neuroscience, cognitive sciences, physics or computer science;
    2. Fluency in written and spoken English, with excellent communication skills and scientific writing capability;
    3. A record of first-author, high-impact publications is not required as we do not believe that scientific excellence necessarily correlates with them. However, a record of research and publication activity is required; at a very minimum, you need to have at least one solid, interesting publication that is clearly your work in conceptual, experimental and analytical aspects and you have significantly contributed to the manuscript preparation. 
    4. At the very least, the candidates should have sufficient statistical and programming skills (e.g. MatLab, Python ...) to be able to work with the data they have obtained in their previous projects. 

    Technical staff positions 

    • Viral surgeries, chronic brain implant surgeries, animal training
    • IT development/engineering, programming, virtual reality / motion capture artistry, general geekery

    Requirements for technical applicants

    1. Relevant work experience; note that experience in working with rodents is essential for the wet lab technician;
    2. English skills sufficient for efficient communication; Japanese language is not required but an advantage
    3. Organized and productive attitude
    4. Excellent attunement to record-keeping and good laboratory practice
    5. Special bonus for capability of keeping the post-docs on track ;)
    6. A diploma from e.g. a vocational school is a plus but not necessary.

    For all positions, salary and benefits, including health care and relocation support to Okinawa, will be offered at a competitive rate based on age and experience, as well as dedicated mentoring to ascertain best possible career development for researchers at all stages. The working language at all operational levels is English. OIST is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and encourages applications from women. Whenever possible, we will attempt to help in finding employment for the employee’s partner.