Past Events

Seminar by Prof. Spencer V. Nyholm "The Hawaiian bobtail squid as a model for studying beneficial host-microbe interactions"

C700 (Lab 3, Level C)
Speaker: Prof. Spencer V. Nyholm, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Connecticut

Seminar by Bret Grasse 'An Introduction and Overview of the World’s First Large-Scale Cephalopod Exhibition'

C700 (Lab 3, Level C)
Speaker: Bret Grasse, Aquarist, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Seminar by Prof. Thomas W. Holstein -"Molecular Mechanisms of Hydra Regeneration"

C210 (Center Building, Level C)
Speaker: Prof. Thomas W. Holstein Molecular Evolution and Genomics, Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) Heidelberg, Heidelberg University, Germany