Preprint - Near-term n to k distillation protocols using graph codes

22 March 2023

arXiv:2303.11465. Link to preprint.

We consider here a set of near-term implementable distillation protocols. These protocols distill n to k pairs by using bilocal Clifford operations, a single round of communication and a possible final local operation depending on the observed measurement outcomes. In the case of permutationally invariant depolarizing noise on the input states, we find a correspondence between these distillation protocols and graph codes. We leverage this correspondence to find provably optimal distillation protocols in this class for several tasks. This correspondence allows us to investigate use cases for so-called non-trivial measurement syndromes. Furthermore, we detail a recipe to construct the circuit used for the distillation protocol given a graph code. We use this to find circuits of short depth and small number of two-qubit gates. We find that these found circuits perform comparable with circuits found based on black-box circuit optimization algorithms. Finally, we investigate the teleportation of encoded states and find protocols which jointly improve the rate and fidelities with respect to prior art.