Prof. Mukhles Sowwan

E-mail: mukhles[at]


Academic History:
  1. Associate Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (2011-present).
  2. Visiting Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department, Stanford University (2010-2011).
  3. Assistant Professor, Materials Engineering Department, Al-Quds University (AQU) (2003-2009).
Current Scientific and Professional Activities:
  1. Visiting Professor, SLAC National Laboratory, CA, USA (2015-present).
  2. Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of SESAME: Synchrotron - Light for the Experimental Science Application in the Middle East (2008-present).
  3. Editorial Board member, Scientifc Reports-Nature Publishing Group (2015-present).
  4. Chair, Nanomaterials and Devices by Cluster Beam Deposition Symposium, 2018 MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, USA.
  1. Al-Marshak Lectureship Award, recognizing distinguished physicists from the developing countries, The American Physical Society (2010).
  2. Fulbright Fellowship Award for visiting professorship at the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford University, Fulbright Foundation (2010).
  3. The Lady Davis Fellowship Award for post-doctoral researchers, The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2003).
  1. These labs are remarkably diverse - here's why they're winning at science: Being inclusive gives research groups a competitive edge. It also happens to be the right thing to do, Nature (2018).
  2. Mukhles Sowwan - Hope Through Science: SLAC Today January 12 (2011).
  3. Passion for Science, Passion for a Better World: A statement of global young scientists at the annual meeting of the new champions of the world economic forum​. Global Young Academy, Tianjin, China (2008).
Selected Publications:
  1. Steinhauer S, Zhao J, Singh V, Pavloudis T, Kioseoglou J, Nordlund K, Djurabekova F, Grammatikopoulos P, Sowwan M. Thermal oxidation of size-selected Pd nanoparticles supported on CuO nanowires: The role of the CuO-Pd interface. Chemistry of Materials. 2017 Jun 26.
  2. Steinhauer S, Vernieres J, Krainer J, Köck A, Grammatikopoulos P, Sowwan M. In situ chemoresistive sensing in the environmental TEM: probing functional devices and their nanoscale morphology. Nanoscale. 2017;9(22):7380-4.
  3. Vernieres J, Steinhauer S, Zhao J, Chapelle A, Menini P, Dufour N, Diaz RE, Nordlund K, Djurabekova F, Grammatikopoulos P, Sowwan M. Gas phase synthesis of multifunctional Fe‐based nanocubes. Advanced Functional Materials. 2017 Mar 1;27(11).
  4. Kumar S, Singh V, Cassidy C, Pursell C, Nivargi C, Clemens B, Sowwan M. Hydrogenation of Mg nanofilms catalyzed by size-selected Pd nanoparticles: Observation of localized MgH 2 nanodomains. Journal of Catalysis. 2016 May 31;337:14-25.
  5. Zhao J, Baibuz E, Vernieres J, Grammatikopoulos P, Jansson V, Nagel M, Steinhauer S, Sowwan M, Kuronen A, Nordlund K, Djurabekova F. Formation Mechanism of Fe nanocubes by magnetron sputtering inert gas condensation. ACS nano. 2016 Mar 15;10(4):4684-94.
  6. Bohra M, Grammatikopoulos P, Diaz RE, Singh V, Zhao J, Bobo JF, Kuronen A, Djurabekova F, Nordlund K, Sowwan M. Surface segregation in chromium-doped nicr alloy nanoparticles and its effect on their magnetic behavior. Chemistry of Materials. 2015 Apr 23;27(9):3216-25.
  7. Singh V, Cassidy C, Grammatikopoulos P, Djurabekova F, Nordlund K, Sowwan M. Heterogeneous gas-phase synthesis and molecular dynamics modeling of Janus and core–satellite Si–Ag nanoparticles. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2014 Jun 12;118(25):13869-75.
  8. Yacoby Y, Sowwan M, Stern E, Cross JO, Brewe D, Pindak R, Pitney J, Dufresne EM, Clarke R. Direct determination of epitaxial interface structure in Gd2O3 passivation of GaAs. Nature Materials. 2002 Oct 1;1(2):99.