News & Highlights


10/10/2016 - The NbD Unit participated in the 8th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling which took place in Dijon, France, with a poster presentation entitled: Silicon nanoparticles grown by magnetron sputtering: crystallisation through hybridisation.

04/10/2016 - Students from two high schools visited OIST and had a great time touring the campus and talking to OIST researchers, including our own Kengo Aranishi, representing the NbD Unit.

29/09/2016 - Today, participants of the 2016 Coherent Quantum Dynamics Summer School visited our lab, during their tour around OIST, and we were happy to communicate with them and discuss our research methods and results.

21/09/2016 - Congratulations to our Research Intern, Theodore Pavloudis, for receiving an Oral Presentation Excellence Award at the XXXII Panhellenic Conference on Solid State Physics and Materials Science. Theo presented work performed at OIST during his internship with the NbD Unit on DFT calculations of H diffusion through Pd/Mg interfaces (soon to be published).

10/08/2016 - Farewell parties for colleagues who leave the Unit always come with a bittersweet feeling. Especially so for Sushant; after the bitterness of parting, comes a sweet aftertaste knowing that it is for the best, as he got a professorship at the prestigious IIT in his home country, India. Good luck, Sushant, and congratulations! Keep in touch!

01/08/2016 - Moving on! Introducing our two new members, Dr. Marta Haro and Dr. Alexander Porkovich, marks a new beginning for the NbD Unit, with many exciting future projects to come. Welcome, Marta and Alex!

14/06/2016 - The news article "New ukidama nanoparticle structure revealed" based on our publication "Kinetic trapping through coalescence and the formation of patterned Ag-Cu nanoparticles" in Nanoscale has been covered in various scientific media outlets such as MyWebMemo, ScienceDaily,, Nanowerk, ScienceCodex, Nanotechnology Now, IConnect007, The Medical News, Space Daily, Dian (Chinese), Materials Today, and Asian Scientist.

31/05/2016 - Our research on carbon monoxide nanosensors is now covered by Forbes, as their potential future application in mobile devices may help save many people's lives from the "silent killer" that carbon monoxide can be.

25/05/2016 - A news article "The next generation of carbon monoxide nanosensors" released on OIST News Center based on our recently published paper in ACS Sensors caught the attention of various popular science web media, such as, Science News Online, Science Daily, EurekAlert, nanowerk, Health Medicine Network, and many more.

19/05/2016 - The NSCA workshop reached its conclusion after four days full of nanoclusters! During these days many friendships evolved; new collaborations were formed and old ones were extended. The excursion on Thursday to Okinawa World and Okinawa Peace Memorial Park introduced our guests both to Okinawan nature, traditions and crafts, but also to a sober part of Okinawan history- an appropriate way for such an international ensemble to celebrate science, friendship and collaboration. Thanks to everyone for their participation and for making our workshop such a unique experience! We hope to see you all soon!

16/05/2016 - It has begun! Today was the first day of the NSCA workshop, organized by the NbD Unit, bringing together pioneering veterans, leading figures, and promising beginners of nanocluster science and technology from all over the world. Looking forward to tomorrow's lectures and poster session!

01/05/2016 - The NbD Unit would like to welcome Dr. Zakaria Ziadi, our new unit member! Zaki will work with us on many an exciting project on gas sensing devices. Welcome, Zaki, and good luck!

01/05/2016 - Exciting times; in two weeks, between 16-19/5, the NbD Unit will have the privilege to host some of the world's leading experts on experimental and theoretical NP science in our "Nanocluster Synthesis, Characterization & Applications" workshop. Visit the workshop's dedicated website to learn more about the program, participants and scope. Looking forward to it, we hope to see many of you!

28/04/2016 - All good things come to an end. Today was the last day of Prof. Chris Pursell's sabbatical visit to our Unit, which produced both a fruitful collaboration and lots of fun. Have a safe trip back home, Chris, and we are looking forward to seeing you again!

13/04/2016 - Today was farewell to Philipp, who has worked with the Unit for more than a year: first as a student intern and then as our clean room technician. He is off to great things, however, as a PhD position in a top US university awaits him on the other side of the Pacific. Good luck, Philipp, and congratulations!

08/04/2016 - New article "Kineting trapping through coalescence and the formation of patterned Ag-Cu nanoparticles" just went online in Nanoscale: Accepted Manuscripts section. The article in its final format will appear online in a few days.

05/04/2016 - A press release "Nanoparticles can grow in cubic shape" by our collaborators in Helsinki on our joint paper, recently published in ACS Nano, has caught the attention of scientific media outlets worldwide, such as, ScienceDaily, eScienceNews, follownews, geekjournal, EurekAlert, etc.

04/04/2016 - Today we were sad to have a small farewell party for Sachie-san, whose internship has come to an end. However, it is not "adieu", but rather "au revoir", as she has promised to return soon!

24/03/2016 - New research letter "Local CuO nanowire growth on microhotplates: in situ electrical measurements and gas sensing application" published in ACS Sensors.

17/03/2016 - New review paper on "Nanoparticle design by gas phase synthesis" published in Advances in Physics: X

09/03/2016 - Today, the Nanoparticles by Design Unit were happy to host OIST Science Challenge participants and share with them the basic principles of nanoparticle design and growth.