Unit outline

Mukhles Ibrahim Sowwan

Nanoparticles by Design Unit

Associate Professor Mukhles Ibrahim Sowwan

mukhles at oist.jp


  • Mukhles Sowwan, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Cathal Cassidy, Group Leader
  • Dr. Vidya Dhar Singh, Researcher
  • Dr. Rosa Diaz, Researcher 
  • Dr. Murtaza Bohra, Researcher
  • Dr. Jerome Vernieres, Researcher
  • Dr. Maria Benelmekki, Researcher
  • Dr. Panos Grammatikopoulos, Researcher
  • Dr. Jeong-Hwan Kim, Researcher
  • Mr. Antony Galea, Researcher
  • Ms. Yumi Takahashi, Research Administrator

Research Overview

Nanoclusters/nanoparticles are aggregates of nanometric size that consist of a several tens to millions of atoms. In this size range, matter exhibits physical and chemical properties tunable through control of their chemical composition and size. Metal nanoclusters are of particular interest because of their potential applications in catalysis, nanoelectronic devices and biomedical applications. In this research unit we study the structural, magnetic, electronic and chemical properties and applications of size selected monometallic, bimetallic and core–shell nanoclusters/nanoparticles prepared by magnetron sputter gas aggregation.

Emphasis will be given to:

  1. Study of metal nanoclusters/nanoparticles supported on solid substrates and the influence of substrate on the shape, mobility, reactivity and electronic structure of the deposited clusters.
  2. Tuning the properties of magnetic core-shell nanoclusters/nanoparticles by controlling the composition and the relative core- shell size.
  3. Developing methods to control and functionalize nanocluster/nanoparticle surfaces for applications in nanosensors, drug delivery, energy, catalysis and self-assembly.

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