Nanoparticles by Design Unit (Mukhles Sowwan)

Nanotechnology is a revolution with endless possibilities. It has the potential of numerous applications in various technologies. However, one of the issues that has plagued the development of these technologies has been the inability to produce nanoparticles with tailored characteristics to be utilized to their full potential.

The Nanoparticles by Design Unit is composed by a multinational team of researchers from all over the world, with diverse scientific backgrounds, ranging from materials science through physics to chemistry and biology. Our research focuses on the design of nanoparticles for particular applications such as  smart gas sensors, label-free biosensors and hydrogen storage. We combine heterogeneous gas phase synthesis, mass filtration, and controlled deposition techniques to tune the size, shape, chemical composition, microstructure, and degree of crystallinity of the nanoparticles in order to optimize their chemical and physical properties for the development of nanoparticle-based advanced technologies.

Latest News & Highlights

21/02/2017 - Our recent paper "Gas phase synthesis of multifunctional Fe-based nanocubes" features in the Micro-/Nanotechnology Section of Advanced Science News, with an article entitled "There is no step two: simultaneous synthesis and application of nanoparticles". The article emphasises the possibility to synthesise nanocubes and fabricate gas sensor devices in an easy, one-step process, but also focuses on more general research activities of our Unit.

26/01/2017 - Our new article "Gas phase synthesis of multifunctional Fe-based nanocubes" just went online in Advanced Functional Materials: "Early View" section.

24/01/2017 - Celebrities! The NbD Unit made its nationwide prime time TV debut in popular NHK program "Sarameshi" ("Workers' lunch")...