Nanoparticles by Design Unit (Mukhles Sowwan)

Nanotechnology is a revolution with endless possibilities. It has the potential of numerous applications in various technologies. However, one of the issues that has plagued the development of these technologies has been the inability to produce nanoparticles with tailored characteristics to be utilized to their full potential.

The Nanoparticles by Design Unit is composed of a multinational team of researchers from all over the world, with diverse scientific backgrounds, ranging from materials science through physics to chemistry and biology, under the supervision of Prof. Mukhles Sowwan. Our research focuses on the design of nanoparticles for particular applications such as  smart gas sensors, label-free biosensors, hydrogen storage, etc. We combine heterogeneous gas phase synthesis, mass filtration, and controlled deposition techniques to tune the size, shape, chemical composition, microstructure, and degree of crystallinity of the nanoparticles in order to optimize their chemical and physical properties for the development of nanoparticle-based advanced technologies.

Latest News & Highlights

15-21/06/2019 - This week, the "Clusters & Nanostructures" Gordon Research Seminar and Conference were held at Les Diablerets, Switzerland. NbD unit's Panos Grammatikopoulos gave the keynote presentation of the seminar, titled "From nanoparticles by design to design by nanoparticles", whereas Chloé Minnai, Abheek Datta, and Panos Grammatikopoulos participated with oral and poster presentations on their previous and current research. More importantly, Chloé was elected to chair the next Gordon Research Seminar in the field, in 2021. Congratulations, Chloé, and good luck!

14/06/2019 - A press release "Gold for iron nanocubes" was released today by the University of Helsinki describing the research described in our paper "Site-specific wetting of iron nanocubes by gold atoms in gas-phase synthesis", recently published in Advanced Science. When nature surprises us with an unexpectedly beautiful pattern, we must recognize it and explain. This is the way to cooperate with nature, that is always ready to teach and expecting us to learn” says Junlei Zhao, our previous intern and regular collaborator. The press release has caught the attention of various worldwide scientific media, such as, ScienceDaily, physnews, parallelstate, pythom, etc.

04-07/06/2019 - During this week, the 2nd International Meeting on Nanoalloys was held in Genoa, Italy, organized by the International Research Network NANOALLOYS of CNRS. NbD unit's Panos Grammatikopoulos attended and gave an oral presentation on the "Atomistic simulation of trimetallic nanoparticle growth by cluster beam deposition", recently published in Chemistry of materials, whereas Junlei Zhao, our previous intern and frequent collaborator, presented work on "Site-specific wetting of iron nanocubes by gold atoms in gas-phase synthesis", recently co-published with our group in Advanced Science. Also, during the meeting, Panos had a chance to advertise our upcoming Advances in cluster beam deposition workshop, here at OIST.