Stress Check

2017’ Stress Check  

The OIST Health Center will assisst the OIST HR to implement the Stress Check with our occupational physicians and the Ganjuu Wellbeing Service.

Stress Check on the website [kokorono_kenkou]

【1st Implementation period】 Oct 2nd~15th

【Target participants】         For employees who belong to the administration

【2nd Implementation period】  Oct 16th~27th

【Target participants】       For employees who belong to the research units

     ★ Information Session ★

     Oct. 4th Wed.  ENG 14:00~14:45 (JAP 15:00~15:45)

     C210-Ctr Bldg.

  1.  About Stress (15mins)          Ganjuu Wellbeing Service
  2.  Mental Health (15mins)        Occupational Physician   
  3.  How to take the test (10mins) OIST Health Center  

   ★ Stress Check Outcome Report ★

     Dec. 6h Wed. Afternoon

     Lab1 B503 


If you need any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact to the Stress Check Team.

The Stress Check Team <>

More information for stress check 

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