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OIST Medical Center is a medical team composed with OIST Clinic and Health Center. OIST Clinic provides their students, employees, and their family members with medical care which is equivalent to those provided by general clinics in Japan. Health Center provides OIST community(PRP1.4.1) with preventive health care. We aim to provide comprehensive health service to OIST community including students, employees, and their family members.

Holiday Schedule for Medical Facilities around OIST 

OIST Clinic

098-982-3446 (ext.23446)   Today's Opening Hour

OIST Health Center

098-966-8945 (ext.28945)


 Medical Staff

Dr. Sakima, Atsushi (External Occupational & School Doctor from University of the Ryukyus)
Dr. Yamamoto, Kazuyoshi (External Occupational Doctor)
Nomachi, Akiyo (Public Health Nurse) 098-966-8657 ext.28657
Deasy, Yoko (Public Health Nurse) 098-966-8691 ext.28691

Maeda, Kazumi (Nurse) 098-966-1553 ext.21553
Shirai, Chieko (Nurse)098-982-3636 ext.23636

Arakaki, Ayano (Receptionist/Administrative)098-966-1378 ext.21378
Taba, Mayumi (Receptionist/Administrative)098-966-8541 ext.28541


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