Meeting room schedule

From now on the recourse center of OIST coordinates the schedule of the Meeting Room.

Here you will find the training schedule.



Neat new flyers

We have a cool looking new flyer/poster Martial Arts Club members might like to use. 


Karate/Kobudo Gasshuku in Nakijin 2015

Here you can find some of our pictures from the Karate/Kobudo Summer - Gasshuku 2015 in Nakijin. The place was awesome and the weather nice, maybe a little bit too nice ;-)     The next time we should do a Gasshuku in spring or autum!



1st RBKD Summer Camp in Okinawa

What makes a hot summer in Okinawa even more enjoyable? Right, Karate and Kobudo practice during this hot time ;-)

 Please find here the pictures of our 1st RBKD Summer Camp in Okinawa.

Pictures from aikido practice

They are finally here, the pictures that Yuno-san took for us (thanks!!). Take a look at them!

If you want more pictures, contact Jeremie, there are about 600 more ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ~♪

Ryukyuan Dance (琉球舞踊) Practice with Ami San and Beach- Karate

On December 7th we got a nice introduction in Ryukyuan Dance by Chinen Ami-San followed by a small photo shooting on the beach. Please have a closer look here

Performance of the Martial Arts Club at the 2nd OIST Birthday Party

For the 2nd Birthday of the OIST Graduate School, different clubs showed in total 16 performances, where the Iaido and Karate Club was a part of it. Here you can find some selected pictures of the day!!

Acrobatics practice with Melanie and Alex

Acrobatics Trial Session with Melanie and Alex.

Have a look here

Karate Practice with Oshiro Shihan at OIST

On Friday afternoon Oshiro Shihan visited the Karate Club of OIST for 1.5 h of intense and interesting training. 

Please have a look in our pictures


Pictures of Karate/ Kobudo practice

First pictures of the Karate and Kobudo practice in the OIST Village Center Dojo are online.

Please have a look!!