Welcome to the Capoeira Club at OIST! OISTのカポエイラクラブへようこそ!

(UPDATED 27/06/2022更新)

Practice Schedule:  Thursdays 19:30-21:30 in the Village Center Meeting Room on the OIST campus in Onna, Okinawa.

練習時間:木曜日 19:30−21:30 場所:沖縄県の恩納村にあるOISTキャンパス内のヴィレッジセンターのミーティングルーム (日本語でも指導できますので、ご安心ください!)

Practice Fee: 500yen


Classes are now run by an external teacher Mitsuhiro Haka. Please sign up and get more information here



This is us in December 2014:

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art based on constant motion, agility and flexibility, it's a mixture of traditional music played by the participants themselves, powerful sparring full of acrobatic movements and an exciting, playful aura - that's why it is also referred to as a game.

If you want to improve your agility, if you want to know what your body can do, or if you like an intense aerobic workout with energetic music, then capoeira is for you. Some people think that capoeira looks more like a dance, and it has a lot of dance-like moves in it, but if you try it, you will realize that capoeira is a very unique but full-scale martial art. It has more acrobatics and less static elements in it than other martial arts. It's also very social and a lot of fun!

Music is at the heart of capoeira and so we also learn to play musical instruments and sing capoeira songs that are an integral part of the infectious energy that capoeira is known for.

No need to worry or be intimidated if you've never done a handstand or cartwheel in your life, this is the place to learn! All skill levels are welcome and may drop in to any practice session. Anyone is welcome, including OIST staff and local members of the community. Children may participate as well and are more than welcome to stay for only part of class as we practice later in the evening and practice time may run into bedtime. :-) It is recommended that participants wear clothing that is loose/flexible enough to allow full range of motion. Bringing a water bottle is also highly suggested.

Our aim is to create a fun and supportive environment in which people of all experience levels can train together and help each other improve. We hope to spread our enthusiasm for capoeira to others, while providing a community for those who wish to work out intensively while having fun, and who want to develop a fluent and playful Capoeira game.

Hope to see you at practice!

Here are some photos from our practices: