Martial Arts Club


Welcome Martial Artists and future Martial Artists (we hope),

This platform regroups all the information you need about the different Martial Art sections here in OIST, practice schedules, events, pictures etc.

Our different sections are always looking for open-minded people willing to practice their body and mind. Any motivation is welcome, wanting to meet new people, interest in Martial Arts, the will to learn the physics of movements of the human body or simply the necessity of powering out the body after work...

Everybody is welcome, just come around! 

Latest Posts

  • Meeting room schedule

    From now on the recourse center of OIST coordinates the schedule of the Meeting Room.

    Here you will find the training schedule.



  • Neat new flyers

    We have a cool looking new flyer/poster Martial Arts Club members might like to use. 


  • Karate/Kobudo Gasshuku in Nakijin 2015

    Here you can find some of our pictures from the Karate/Kobudo Summer - Gasshuku 2015 in Nakijin. The place was awesome and the weather nice, maybe a little bit too nice ;-)     The next time we should do a Gasshuku in spring or autum!