Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar

The seminar aims to introduce research topics in geometry, topology and dynamics and its interactions with other sciences on a simple level. Some topics are discussed over a two ot three-week period led by the same speaker (as a mini-course). Anyone interested in mathematics is welcome to attend.

Winter 2019

The seminar will meet regularly on Wednesday and occasiionally on another day of the week. The time and location is 16:00-17:00 at Lab 3, B700 unless otherwise noted. 

Date Speaker Title
16 January Hirofumi Sasahira (Kyushu University) The Seiberg-Witten equations and topology
22 January (Tuesday 15:00-16:00) Tadayuki Watanabe (Shimane University) Preliminary lecture I: Goussarov-Habiro's theory of graph surgery
23 January (11:00-12:00, unit space B662)  Tadayuki Watanabe (Shimane University) Preliminary lecture II: Kontsevich's characteristic classes (Chern-Simons perturbation theory configuration space integral)
23 January David Gabai (Princeton University) The General 4 dimensional Light Bulb Theorem
24 January (Thursday 16:00-17:00) Tadayuki Watanabe (Shimane University) Some exotic nontrivial elements of the rational homotopy groups of Diff(S^4)
29 January (Tuesday 15:00-16:00) Brian Seguin (Loyola University Chicago) On the nonlocal curvature of surfaces and curves
30 January Shinpei Baba (Osaka University) Neck-pinching of CP^1-structures
18 February (Monday 16:00-17:00) Harrison Chapman (Colorado State University) Alternating knots are rare
20 February Jennifer Schultens (UC Davis)

The Kakimizu complex of Seifert fibered spaces

21 February (Thursday 16:00-17:00) Michael Kapovich (UC Davis)

Ramified covering maps of spheres and arboreal polygons

25 February (Monday 16:00-17:00) Dan Romik (UC Davis) Viazovska's work on the sphere packing problem and some recent developments in number theory
18 March (Monday 16:00 - 17:00) Stephan Tillmann (University of Sydney) Character varieties, ideal points and actions on trees
19 March (Tuesday 15:00 - 16:00) Stephan Tillmann (University of Sydney) Essential surfaces detected by the character variety
20 March Ben Burton (University of Queensland) Topology on tiny machines: logspace and finite-state complexity
22 March (Friday 17:00 - 18:00) Stephan Tillmann (University of Sydney) Tropical geometry, normal surfaces and the character variety
26 March (Tuesday 15:00 - 16:00) Bernd Krauskopf (University of Auckland) Global manifolds and the transition to chaos in the Lorenz system
27 March Hinke Osinga (University of Auckland) Robust chaos: a tale of blenders, their computation, and their destruction
23 May (Thursday 13:00-14:00 B715) Hokuto Konno (Riken) Non-smoothable bundles and gauge theory for families


Fall 2018

The seminar will meet at 4:00 pm on Wednesday at Lab 3, B700 unless otherwise noted. 

Date Speaker Title
2 October (Tuesday, 11:00-12:00, Lab 3 B717) Makoto Narita (Okinawa National College of Technology) Spacetime Singularities -An Introduction-
24 October Kenta Hayano (Keio University)  On Diagrams of Simplified Trisections and Mapping Class Groups
31 October Osamu Saeki (Kyushu University) Unlinking singular locus from regular fibers and its application to submersions
7 November Kazuto Takao (Kyoto University) Morse functions and singularities of product maps
8 November (Thursday, 3-4 pm, unit space B662 in Lab 2) Shinobu Hikami (OIST) Topological gravity and intersection theory followed by math/math physcis tea (open to all)
14 November John Loftin (Rutgers University, Newark) Neck pinch singularities in the geometry of surfaces
5 December Scott Carter (University of South Alabama) Ribbon and string representations of finite subgroups of SU(2)


Summer 2018

The seminar will meet at 3:00 pm on Wednesday at Lab 3, B700 unless otherwise noted. 

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
 9  May

Linling Ru (OIST)

Motoko Kato (Tokyo University)

(1) A suspension flow with a Plykin attractor

(2) On groups whose actions on finite-dimensional CAT(0) spaces have global fixed points

(Lab2, B662)

21 May Jessica Purcell (Monash University) Cusp shape and tunnel number (part 1
22 May Jessica Purcell (Monash University) Cusp shape and tunnel number (part 2)
23 May Jessica Purcell (Monash University) Cusps and alternating knots

24 May

Joel Hass (UC Davis)

Comparing shapes of genus zero [public lecture, no topology background expected]

(4-5pm, Room B250)

30 May

Anastasiia Tsvietkova (OIST)

The number of surfaces of fixed genus in a link complement

6   June Josh Howie (Monash University) Coiled Surfaces And The Slope Conjectures
13 June-August 1   Conferences/Research Travel/Summer Break
1 August, (Thursday) Dale Koenig (OIST) Computational complexity and knot theory
9 August (Thursday) Robert Tang (OIST) Solving word problems in finitely presented groups
16 August (Thursday) Tirasan Khandhawit (OIST) Stable Homotopy and Differential Topology


Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
10 January  Dale Koenig (OIST) A hands on introduction to Morse theory and handle decompositions
17 January  Gudrun Szewieczek (TU Wien/Kobe) Conformally flat hypersurfaces and Guichard nets 
24 January  Dale Koenig (OIST) Heegaard splittings and an introduction to 3-manifold theory
31 January  Dale Koenig (OIST)  Trisections of 4-manifolds
 7  February   Luca Lussardi (Politecnico di Torino) The Kirchhoff-Plateau problem
14 February   Linling Ru (OIST)  An introduction to uniformly hyperbolic attractors
21 February  Linling Ru (OIST)  Plykin attractor on the plane
28 February    No seminar 
  7 March Tirasan Khandhawit (OIST) Gauge theory and topology of manifolds
14 March Mini-symposium (12-14 March) Computational Problems in Low-dimensional Topology
21 March    No seminar (National holiday)
28 March Tirasan Khandhawit (OIST) Introduction to Seiberg-Witten invariant
4   April Yasha Neiman (OIST) Geometric Algebras: from the wedge produce to higher-spin Holography
11 April Dale Koenig (OIST) 3-manifolds in trisections
18 April Johannes Schönke (OIST) Möbius Kaleidocycles --- A New Family of Ring Mechanisms