Local Information

The workshop is held off campus, at the Seaside House. It is about 20-30 minute walk to the main OIST campus. Campus-Seaside House transportation will be provided during the workshop. There are also daily shuttles (see below). Okinawa is best explored by a car, but a link to the bus schedule is below. 

Lawson and Family Mart are small convenience stores found in many places in Okinawa. 


Conference accommodation funded by OIST

Campus Apartmentsmap and general information link. Apartments have a kitchen with utensils and a single bed in every bedroom. There are only a few available, so they are reserved for extended stays or families. 

Seaside house (conference venue): map and general information link. Note that the accommodation is in shared double rooms. Upon availability, some single rooms might be provided. 

Hotel Moon Beach: map and general information link. Priority is given to speakers due to transport arragments. Transporation to the conference venue during the workshop will be provided.

Prince Plyage: this is a weekly mansion, which has corporate contract with OIST. (map)


Other hotels within a walking distance from the conference venue (for those who would like to book and fund their own accommodation):

  • Beach Room 1.2 km from Seaside house (map)

  • The Peridot Smart Hotel Tancha Ward 1.2 km from Seaside house (map)

  • Rizzan Sea Park Hotel Tancha Bay 2.3 km from Seaside house (map)



Link for general information

From Campus to Seaside house