Maker Club

The goal of the OIST Maker Club is to build a community of people interested in creating real things using technology of all levels, with a focus on connecting OIST members to one another and to the greater Okinawan community of young people, educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Read more about the club at The OIST Maker Club Charter page.

Lasers, 3D Printers, and More

OIST facilities can only be used for research and education, so even students and scientists have to find other places to use and enthuse. However, we have found a great local resource for Makers only 20 minutes drive from the OIST campus.

Startup Cafe Koza is a coworking space and fab lab established in Okinawa City to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Okinawa.

The cafe offers coworking space for remote workers and startups, free meeting space for community-building, and courses in topics like 3D design, web programming, and machine learning.

The fab lab "Mirai Factory" gives members access to laser cutters, 3D printers, conventional shop tools, sewing machines, 3d modeling workstations, and other devices. Experienced engineers maintain the facility and help members to prototype and manufacture original physical objects for use in hobbies, art, product development, online businesses, and whatever else they can imagine.

Startup Cafe Koza (Google Maps)
Free Parking (Google Maps)


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