Telephone, Cell Phone, and Internet


-Home phone
To install a telephone at your residence in Japan, first call NTT (dial 116, Information for foreigners: 0120-064-337) to apply. You will need your passport and Residence Card or Certificate of Alien Registration.

There are two phone service plans. The first entails a contract fee of ¥840 and a line facilities charge of ¥37,800. The second is called the “Light Plan,” in which you pay an installation fee (¥2,100) and a contract fee (¥840) with an additional ¥262.5 for the monthly basic charge, instead of the line facilities charge (prices include tax). There are two types of phone lines: analog and digital. To connect to the Internet, you can use either the analog or the digital type.

-IP phone
When you sign up for internet service, ask if you can obtain an IP phone number. Please ask your provider for further assistance. Note: Remember that IP phone users cannot make calls during power outages.

Mobile Phone

There are 3 major cell phone companies in Japan: NTT Docomo (Blackberry, Galaxy, iPhone), Softbank (iPhone, prepaid phone) and AU (iPhone, Android). Fees vary based on the company, the type of services, and the type of phone. Many cell phones come equipped with bilingual displays, basic email, and voice-mail services.


You can get broadband internet service through NTT, Yahoo BB, OCN cable connection, or other smaller companies. Most large electronics stores such as Yamada Denki have booths for broadband providers.

NTT West(NTT西日本)
TEL: 0120-064-337 (English and other languages)

AU Hikari Chura
TEL: 0120-994-778

OCN cable connection
TEL: 098-863-4141
They have English speaking staff available occasionally.