Opening a Bank Account

The Bank of Okinawa and the Bank of the Ryukyus are the two largest banks in Okinawa. They both have a wide network of branches and ATMs in the prefecture. ATMs can be found in convenience stores or shopping malls. Unfortunately, these banks do not have branches outside of Okinawa. Even so, you can use your ATM card at the ATM of other banks, paying a small service charge.

In addition to these two banks, The Japan Post Office has a bank, Japan Post Bank, where you can set up a bank account. The Japan Post Bank has a nationwide bank network. You can withdraw cash from your account at a Post Office ATM anywhere in Japan.

Withdrawal of cash at non-business hours, on weekends or public holidays requires payment of a fee, usually ¥108, for each withdrawal. In addition, there are some restrictions on the hours of operation of the ATMS. They differ slightly among the banks.

Opening an Account

There are various kinds of accounts available, but for most people, a general savings account is best for daily transactions and bill payments.

Necessary Documents

  • Passport
  • Residence card
  • Inkan (personal seal) if you have one
  • Application form (available at the bank)

Bank Names and Addresses Around OIST:

Bank of Okinawa(沖縄銀行)
Address: 2491-1 Onna, Onna-son
TEL: 098-966-8438

Bank of the Ryukyus(琉球銀行)
Address: 2-23-6 Ishikawa, Uruma-shi
TEL: 098-965-1212

Japan Post Bank(ゆうちょ銀行)
Nakadomari Branch :
Address: 107 Nakadomari, Onna-son
TEL: 098-964-3096

Onna Branch:
Address: 2583-1 Aza Onna, Onna-son
TEL: 098-966-8327

After opening an account, you will receive a bank book. A cash card (ATM card) will be sent to your home approximately two weeks after the account is opened.

Other Banking Options:

TEL: 0120-50-4189 (24 hours/ 365 days)
You can also open an account at US-based Citibank in mainland Japan. Please call to inquire further about opening an account with them.

HSBC Japan
For HSBC Japan, there are a few conditions for opening an account in Japan. These might be negotiable if you have an HSBC account in a foreign country. Please contact HSBC for further information.

Online banking

Most banks in Okinawa do not offer online banking services in English. If you would like to use online banking, please open an account with Citibank.

Please refer to Banking Service for information on credit cards in Okinawa.