SciFinder HelpDesk 1-3 pm on Nov.15 (Wed)

SciFinder Help Desk will be open at the Library Office from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, on Nov. 15 (Wed).

SciFinder is the only research tool with access to the world’s most reliable and largest collection of substances, reactions and references (from both journals and patents). A global network of scientists update content daily to ensure you have access to the most timely and accurate information available.

SciFinder Registration

If you have any questions or concerns about SciFinder or you want to see a demo, this is a good opportunity to talk to Mr. Yasuhiro Chiba (JAICI Marketing Group) at the Help Desk.

No registration is required, so please come to the Library Office during appointed hours on that day.



OIST Graduate University Library
TEL: 098-982-3755