Japan(JST)-U.S(NSF). Collaborative Research Opportunity in Smart and Connected Communities


2019年7月16日 (火) (All day)2019年9月9日 (月) (All day)


Program Outline

NSF and JST are pleased to announce a collaborative research opportunity aligned with the goals of the NSF Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) Program.  This program is a part of JST CICORP program.
Link to the JST program page      NSF information page

Targeted Research Fields

  • Complementary expertise and resources in the US and Japan enable research in areas which are fundamental to smart and connected community solutions. Specific areas include, but are not limited to, disaster response and emergency management, precision agriculture, cybersecurity of the electric grid and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and wired and wireless networking.
  • Smart and Connected Communities, NSF 19-564. Eligible award category: Planning Grants.


  • Japanese PIs are required to include a young researcher (under 42 years old) in their teams (please refer to the Japan-side call text for details).

Deadline: September 9,2019,  by 12:00  (NSF side September 62019)
                 OIST Internal deadline: September 2

Notes: Funding recommendations resulting from the NSF merit review process will be discussed with JST, and NSF and JST will jointly develop funding recommendations.

Project Period:  1 Year

Funding:  8,250,000 JPY/research period (1 year)  including direct cost and 10% indirect costs. Examples of direct costs include research materials, personnel costs, travel costs, and events.

Application Procedure

Application from the e-Rad system.  The call text and application forms can be downloaded below.

There are no English guideline available. Please contact to grant section (grant@oist.jp) before application.

Document / Form Links
Japan-side call text (in Japanese)

English version not available.

Supplemental application form & Legal compliance checklist (in Japanese)(日本側応募申請書(Form1J))

Word(180 KB) 
Form1 with English Guide

JST Budget form (in English)(日本側予算フォーム(Form2J)) Word(172 KB)
Compliance agreement (in Japanese)(日本側研究代表者所属機関長確認書(Form3J)) Word(133 KB)


If you are willing to apply, please submit a Grant Pre-submission Form to Grants and Research Collaborations Section month before the internal deadline. 

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