Beach Play permission form

Beach Play permission form ・ビーチ利用許可書

SAP and OIST Occupational Health and Safety Section have been working together to allow children to safely use the beach area outside the Seaside House.


We have put together a permission form for you to sign if you would like your children to be able to participate in beach clean-ups and play on the beach area.


The following safety criteria will be applied at all times:

  • Children will not be allowed to enter the ocean at any time
  • The teacher:child ratio will never be higher than 1:15
  • There will always be a teacher present who is certified in first-aid, CPR, and AED use
  • All staff and children are aware of dangerous marine creatures that might wash up on shore
  • All staff are aware of appropriate first-aid techniques regarding dangerous sea creatures
  • All staff and children are aware of appropriate evacuation routes in case of earthquake or tsunami
  • All children will be required to wear a hat and shoes, and bring a water bottle; water breaks will be held at 10 minute intervals
  • We will encourage children to wear sunscreen as directed by parents


  • 子どもたちはいつでも海に入ることを許されない
  • 先生:子供の比率は1:15以上にならない
  • 救急、心肺蘇生、AEDの使用について認定された先生が常に付き添う
  • すべてのスタッフと子どもたちは、海岸に打ち上げられる恐れのある危険な海洋生物について認識する
  • すべてのスタッフは、危険な海洋生物に対する適切な応急処置方法を認識する
  • すべてのスタッフと子どもたちは、地震や津波が発生した場合の適切な避難経路を知っている
  • すべての子どもたちは帽子と靴を着用し、水筒を持参し、10分毎に給水する保護者の方の指導のもと、子どもたちの日焼け止めの使用を奨励いたします

The permission forms in English and Japanese are attached for your reference.

Feel free to print it, sign it, and bring it in to the SAP room if you wish.

Forms are also available in the SAP to be signed when you drop off or pick up your children.



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