Resourceful websites to purchase food items from local businesses/restaurants impacted by COVID-19

Here are the list of the websites where you can purchase food items from local businesses/restaurants impacted by COVID-19

Most of the sites are available in Japanese only, but we will keep updating as we find more sites.

Total COVID-19Okinawa Support Language: English

An English website with information regarding COVID-19 in Japan as well as in Okinawa. The website also introduces some local businesses that offer take out & delivery foods during this time. There are some local businesses in Onna village as well as Uruma area.

#sosmapjapan  Language: Japanese only

A website created to help food producers that have excessive inventory due the the shrinking market by connecting them with the consumers who want to help them by purchasing their products. The website has a map across Japan with some pins. By clicking the pins, you will be directed to the website of the producer. There you will be able to purchase whatever you like.

Pocket marché Language: Japanese (use Chrome for other languages)

A website originally created to connect the consumers and farmers/fishermen across the country. Fresh vegetables and seafood will be delivered to your door directly from the producers. If you run the page through the Google Chrome automatic translation, the page can be viewed in various languages. Membership registration and ordering are very easy.

TABE CHOKU Language: Japanese (use Google Chrome for other languages)

A website originally created for farmers and fishermen to sell their products directly to their customers without having wholesalers in between. There are farmers and fishermen who are troubled by excessive inventory which otherwise has been sold if it hadn't been for COVID-19. The website now helps these producers by letting them use their website to advertise their products on their website.

Okinawa Tama seika Language: Japanese only

A website that sells fresh vegetables and fruits produced in Okinawa. If you want to help farmers in Okinawa through buying their products, it may be a good idea to buy the products using this website. If you want to refrain from visiting physical shops for shopping, it may be a good way to order vegetables/fruits through this website.

Okinawa Chamber of Commerce Language: Japanese only

A website run by Okinawa Chamber if Commerce to support the companies in Okinawa that have excessive inventory due to COVID-19. The companies registered with the Chamber of Commerce can put advertisement of their services on the website. Language: Japanese only

School food service providers are the corporations that provide school lunch to schools in Japan. Many of them are now troubled with excessive inventories that was supposed to be delivered to schools if the schools were not to be closed due to COVID-19. The inventories vary from marine products to processed food. Let's not waste these inventories and let's help these corporations through buying their excessive inventories instead!

Take out in Okinawa Language: Japanese only

A website run by Okinawan branch of Junior Chamber International Japan, a public interest incorporated association that supports social activities of young business leaders. This app-looking website advertises restaurants in Okinawa that have take-out options. If you are tired of cooking while working from home, why not trying their take-out menus? You can also download the app on your phone, by reading the barcode available on the website.