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Driver's License Conversion Snapshot - January to December 2020


Total number of OIST community members who got a Japanese driver’s license in 2020:  61

Total number of people who attended the shuttle bus tour: 189

Average number of times before passing…2.5 times

Percentage of people who pass on the first try…21%

Top 5 tips for success

  • Attend the RC’s Driver’s License Information Session and review the materials online

  • Consult with RC before you start, after you start, while you are preparing…they can help!

  • Gather your original documents early

  • Review the driving course in the video and in person when you take the written test at the center

  • Be patient.  Remember that the laws, policies, and processes in Japan may be quite different from those on your own country.  Of course, the RC staff cannot change these factors, but they know how to interpret them and can help you to navigate them.  The end goal is to get your driver’s license

Little known RC facts...

  • # of people offboarded per month:  4-5 times

  • Average number of hours spend to offboard 1 person:  

  • # of school events attended each year to support parents:  6-7 times (Parents and teacher conference, school orientation, entrance and graduation ceremony., tec)


RC inquiries - January to December 2020

  • Average # inquiries per month (includes email, phone, and in-person inquiries):  820

  • Busiest day:  Monday

  • Busiest time:  10:00 - 11:00

  • Best days and times for fastest response:  Friday between 13:00-12:00

Family members - Most common inquiries

Family Member Access Card

Childcare around OIST

Driver's License Conversion


Bureaucratic process questions

Residence documentation

Garbage and recycling questions

Utility bills

Childcare subsidy documents

Car tax bill

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