Move-out inspection

Final room inspection

OIST requires to schedule a move-out inspection with your housing agency about one week prior to your move-out day. Through this inspection, they will determine if extra cleaning or repairs are needed and complete a final payment by the day you leave.

After the inspection, your housing agency will contact Resource Center for a final quotation and invoice. We will contact you once we hear from them.


By the final inspection day

  • Minimize your belongings. All the big furniture should be removed from your room. Otherwise, your housing agency cannot inspect your room properly.


By the move-out day

  • Your room should be returned as it was when you moved in.
  • Please note that the cleaning fee will be charged anyway, no matter how perfectly you clean the room. It is a fixed fee depending on housing agencies.
  • Any damage that is made by the move-out day, even after the inspection, will still be charged to the lease contractor. If you unintentionally give any damage after the inspection, please report Resource Center.
  • Take all your belongings out of your room. A disposal fee will be charged if there are any remained items.
  • Garbage should be disposed of properly until the day of your contract. A disposal fee will be charged if there are any remained items in the room or the garbage is not sorted properly.
  • Return your room key (Make sure to discuss with your housing agency how to return the key)
  • Make sure to turn off the circuit breaker before you leave the house

↓Circuit Breaker is usually located near the entrance. Please turn all the breaker switches off especially the main breaker swith which is marked in red as below ↓


How to get rid of furniture

  1. Sell on TIDA, OkinawaBooKoo, etc
  2. Sell to secondhand shops (Inquire secondhand/recycle shops if they can take your items in advance)
  3. Dispose as oversize trash

*If you prefer your furniture to be picked up, we suggest you to make pick-up appointments for 2&3 at least 3 weeks to 1 month prior to secure the collection date (Resource Center may assist you to make the appointment).