Getting Married In Japan

Basic Required documents


1. 婚姻届(Konin Todoke): Marriage Application Form *1

2. 戸籍謄本(Koseki Touhon) for Japanese citizens

3. 結婚要件具備証明書 (Kekkon Youken Gubi Shoumeisho): A certificate of legal capacity to marry

4. 印鑑 (Inkan): For Japanese citizens

5. 身分証明書(Mibun Shoumeisho):Legal ID

6. パスポート(Passport): for foreign citizens


PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR CITY/VILLAGE OFFICE IN ADVANCE since additional documents may be required depending on countries.

*All non-Japanese documents should be translated into Japanese 
*1 This Konin Todoke form must be completed in Japanese. Also, two witnesses' (Japanese citizen or foreigner who is over 20 years old) signatures are required.