Balletone Fitness Classes by Ikumi Aoki


2022年7月25日 (月) 18:302022年9月26日 (月) 19:30


Village Center Meeting Room


Objective of Class: A different style of Health and Wellness for members of the OIST community.

  • What is Balletone?

Balletone is a non-stop cardio and strength trainng program that combines pilates, ballet and yoga techniques that originated in New York. The movements are so simple that anyone can participate.


  • Effects of Balletone:

Balletone burns fat, improves muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiopulmonary function at the same time, and is expected to help you lose weight, improve posture, and boost your immune system. If you exercise barefoot, you can strengthen the soles of your feet, which help stabilize your core and promote blood flow. You can also wear indoor shoes if you need.



  • What to bring:

Water, towel and a yoga mat to stretch


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