Workshop logistics webform for speakers

Please complete the form below so that we have the information necessary to arrange your travel and accommodation.

To complete your travel arrangements, we would like to ask for your passport information so we may forward it to our travel agency, JTB-CWT.

Please upload a picture or scan of your passport photo page, using the secure link here.

When you are not sure if you need a Visa to enter Japan, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web page on Visa requirements.

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General Information
Travel Support
OIST arranges a single round-trip for the most economical route for between your nearest airport to Okinawa (Naha Airport). You are asked to arrive and depart on the dates being asked by the workshop organizer. If you need to make special itinerary arrangements, please specify in the notes below:
Information for flight ticket arrangement
From which airport will you be traveling?
Your Travel to OIST
We shall arrange transportation between Naha Airport and the workshop venue at OIST. You will receive detailed information regarding your transportation approximately two weeks prior to the start of the workshop.
Accommodation and Meals
Lodging is provided by OIST for the duration of the workshop. Check-in is one day prior to the start and check-out is one day after the end of the workshop. We will also provide for all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) during your stay for the workshop due to the limited availability of vendors near the accommodation.
Dietary Requirements
Extra Information