About Us

The OIST Graduate University is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, students and staff.  Gender Equality Division promotes an institutional culture that values diversity and supports a working environment that is attractive to everyone who works at OIST regardless of gender, age, nationality, or family status.   

OIST established the Gender Equality Taskforce in October 2013.  The Taskforce was charged with developing a strategy to promote participation of women where they are underrepresented across OIST.  The Taskforce report was approved at the Board of Governor’s meeting in May 2014.  The report stated OIST’s Gender Equality Goals as follows: (1) To create a working environment that is attractive to, and supportive of, all staff irrespective of gender, age or family status; and (2) To achieve gender balance within every job category and level within OIST.  A series of recommendations to achieve these goals were articulated in the report.  The Gender Equality Division was officially launched on April 1, 2015 to meet the OIST gender equality goals and to implement many of the recommendations.