Past Events

OIST財団「仲宗根松郎・ツル子基金」設立記念オンライン特別イベント 沖縄県出身の天文学者 嘉数悠子博士がハワイからライブ講演

2021年5月5日 (水) 10:00 11:00


Living Longer and Healthier – Blue Zones and Aging in the U.S. and Japan

2021年4月16日 (金) 8:00 9:00
Zoom link will be provided upon registration

Join the OIST Foundation and Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth for a virtual program that will examine aging through the lenses of biology, philosophy, and policy with a goal of shedding light on ways to live longer, healthier lives. 

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SPACES OF INNOVATION: Smart Cities & Innovation Parks from Tsukuba to Okinawa

2021年4月6日 (火) 20:00 21:00
Zoom link will be provided upon registration

Join the OIST Foundation, in partnership with the Smart City Institute Japan, for a virtual roundtable that will discuss the ways in which universities can have a positive impact on local communities and future generations through the formation of innovation parks and smart cities.

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[Online] STEAM for Innovation #2: STEAM教育の現状とその可能性

2021年2月25日 (木) 20:00 21:00
Online & CIC Tokyo

Join a dynamic discussion on current situation and future perspective of STEAM education. 

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[Webinar] US and Japanese Perspectives on Cybersecurity and Undersea Cables

2020年10月22日 (木) 9:00 11:10

This public panel will explore cybersecurity from US and Japanese perspectives, including issues of trust and transparency and regional cooperation; as well as the geopolitics of submarine cables. Providing insights from both industry and academia in Japan and the United States, it promises to be an engaging session on critical topics for our shared future.

Following the public panel, Pacific Forum Young Leaders Program Director Ariel Stenek will lead an informational session about the program and its offerings, as well as answer questions. Attendees will join breakout rooms where they can connect virtually, share research interests, and discuss the day’s most pressing topics. OIST graduate students and young researchers are invited to participate.

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