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                    Jungsik, Minju, Takazumi, Ahmadreza, Hengameh, Jun, Tomoe, Nadine, Minkyu, Dongqi (Oct. 2017)


Dr. Jun Tani

Postdoctoral Scholar


Takazumi Matsumoto

E-mail : takazumi.matsumoto at

Visiting Researcher


Jeffrey White

E-mail : jeffrey.white at

Technical Staff


Minkyu Choi

E-mail : Minkyu.choi8904 at

Ph.D. Student


Dongqi Han

E-mail : dongqi.han at

Special Research Students (Ph.D. Students)


Ahmadreza Ahmadi

E-mail : ar.ahmadi62 at


Jungsik Hwang

E-mail : mulkkyul at

Homepage :


MinJu Jung

E-mail : minju5436 at

Visiting Research Student


Hengameh Zabihi

E-mail : hengamezabihi at

Rotation Student


Nadine Wirkuttis

E-mail : nadine.wirkuttis at



Tomoe Furuya

E-mail : tomoe.furuya at


(continued from the former labs, Cognitive Neuro-robotics Lab in KAIST and Lab for Behavior and Dynamic Cognition in Riken Brain Science Inst.)

  • MS. Hyeokhyen Kwon, Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Dr. Shingo Murata, Research Fellow, Waseda University
  • Dr. Hiroaki Arie, Assistant Professor, Waseda University
  • Dr. Michael Maniadakis, Postdoctoral Researcher, Foundation for Research and Technolohy
  • Dr. Tetsu Okumura, Adjunct Professor, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Misako Komatsu, Postdoctoral fellow, Riken Brain Science Inst.
  • Dr. Fady S. Alnajjar, Asst. Professor, Collage of IT, UAEU
  • Dr. Yuuya Sugita, Engineer, MTI Ltd.
  • Dr. Ichiro Igari, Director, MTI Ltd.
  • Dr. Ryota Horie, Adjunct Professor, Shibaura Inst. Of Technology
  • Dr. Chiaki Hirata, Adjunct Professor, Jumonji Univ.
  • Dr. Ryunosuke Nishimoto, unknown
  • Dr. Ranier Paine, Clinical Fellow, NIH
  • Dr. Jun Namikawa, Data Scientist, Recruit Communications Co Ltd.
  • Dr. Yuuichi Yamashita, Section Chief, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry
  • Dr. Tetsuya Ogata, Professor, Waseda Univ.
  • Dr. Yuzuru Sato, Adjunct Professor, Hokkaido Univ.
  • Dr. Jun Yamamoto, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center