Individual Development Plan (IDP)

To define a strategy for an efficient, goal oriented and successful postdoctoral experience at OIST, developing an "Individual Development Plan" (IDP) is strongly recommended to all OIST postdoctoral scholars and mentors.

CLICK HERE to create your IDP in a secuired SharePoint site. 


  1. Individualized self-assessment - to define interests and to identify strengths and weaknesses
  2. Explore career options - to identify potential future career paths
  3. Set strategic career goals - to prioritize the identified career options
  4. Provide planning process - to develop skills and to implement an effective self-marketing within a defined timeline
  5. Use available resources - to improve skills, to locate career options and to get prepared for upcoming applications/interviews

Using an automated workflow, annual submission of an IDP will be required for all Postdoctoral Scholars employed at OIST; yet to be finalized starting early April 2018. Thereafter, each Postdoctoral Scholar should be able to benefit from career and professional development opportunities at OIST for minimum of 12 hours per year. 

Recommended resources:

Seek Career Advice

To schedule a one on one career advice meeting, please send us an email.